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Online Marketing: Your Website Development To-Do List

Maximize what a website can do for your business. | Online Marketing | IH Digital

Your website represents your business online. Other than a tool to showcase your products and services, it is an online marketing platform that displays your brand’s value and credibility. Yet, simply having a website is not enough, it must effectively function – designed to cover all your customers’ needs.

Basic Necessities of a Website

If you don’t have a website for your business yet, here are the things you need first:

Domain Name

The domain name is your business’ online address and it’s uniquely made for your company. For instance, IH Digital’s domain name is www.ihdigital.com.

Web Hosting

Now that your business has an online address, where does it actually live? Web hosting is the location or the server of your website where your customers come to visit. It is a server that connects your website to people who search for your business online.

Business Email Address

Having an official business email address is especially important for businesses who are still starting. Having corporate@ihdigital.com builds more credibility than just using corporate_ihdigital@gmail.com. It also helps in maintaining the security of your presence online, keeping away spam messages and hackers.

Website Content

Surely, content is king. But what kind of content do you put on your website? Having pages about your company, your products and services, and your contact details are not enough. You must determine your target market, know their wants and needs, and integrate content to media that gets them interested – blog posts, images, videos, or GIFs.

Maximize what a website can do for your business. | Online Marketing | IH Digital

Maximize Web Design & Development

Build a website that your business needs, not a website that you personally want.

Since you’ve already set up a basic website from the notes we’ve given above, be your customer and ask yourself, is it enough? Website design and development is more than just how your website looks, of course, it is part of it, but there are other factors to consider as well. The standards on a well-developed website for 2018 are as follows:

Load Speed

In online marketing, everyone is a consumer and what do we hate the most? Time wasted. Having a page view is already a milestone but for one to stay and browse through the pages of your website, it must load quickly. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a blank screen on your mobile or laptop to load. Avoid losing customers that hit the close button once your website loads slowly.


Websites that are not mobile-optimized, meaning browsing on your phone and seeing the same layout as that of a computer’s, are hard to navigate. Our phones are designed with smaller screens and your website’s design should adapt to it. This way, users will be able to browse through your website smoothly.

Compatible with Multiple Browsers

You can’t control what browser people use when viewing your website. Make sure they can view your site properly and it functions well in various browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. We suggest that you do a multiple browser check.


Content Management System or CMS is a software where you can input and modify the design, content, images, videos, links and even the codes on your website. Before any of your content goes live, you can preview those using CMS. You can make the necessary changes before people see it. Choose a CMS software that’s easy to navigate. WordPress and Joomla are examples of a reliable CMS used by website design companies.

SEO Friendly

With good website SEO, you’ll put your website on top of search results on different search engines. Write useful and informative content for your customers and use the right SEO tools so your website can be seen easily. Know more by reading the basics in integrating SEO marketing to your website.

Social Media Integration

Include social media icons that your website viewers can click on your website. Since social media presence gives you a wider reach, incorporate your website content marketing by also sharing them on your Facebook or Instagram pages.

Google Analytics

Track and analyze the activities done by users on your website. With Google Analytics, you will acquire a detailed report on how many people actually go to your website, what they do, what page they spend most of their time on, the least visited pages, and more. By knowing all these, you will know how to improve not just your website but your products and services as well.

Email Marketing

Building an email network is another effective way to drive traffic to your website. By sending out valuable content to this network that you have, you can display information about your products and services, discounts perhaps? According to 2018 Radicati Group Study, there will be almost 4 billion email users before 2019, meaning, there are a lot of opportunities for you to convert email marketing to actual sales.

Website Security

Eliminate your website’s security risks. After putting all these efforts to create a well-functioning website for your business, you don’t want to lose everything you’ve built, do you? Viruses and hackers are everywhere but there are numerous ways to protect your website. You can use a tight firewall, antivirus protection, SSL security, and IPS/IDS. You can talk to our experts to know what security you need for your website.

If you want to go through the nitty gritty of creating an effective online marketing website for your business, IH Digital offers website design services. We’ll make sure we cross out everything from this website design and development to-do list.

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Video Marketing: The Future is Now

Explore how video marketing can help your business. | Digital Marketing | IH Digital

In an age where online presence is highly important, brands need to live up to the trends – creating a website, a Facebook page or an Instagram profile is not enough anymore. To achieve business success, it is necessary to maximize what these platforms can offer. Digital marketing experts in the past years have predicted that videos will be the future of content creation in social media and they were 100% right. For marketers to convert content to sales, they must know the current effective ways of doing so; for video marketing, its future is definitely now.

What you get from video marketing

Videos are an excellent engager. Have you caught yourself spending more time on videos in your timeline lately than ever? That’s because videos have evolved into a more attractive, informative and immersive experience. Compared to written content, a website or page that contains more videos are most likely getting visited more for a longer period of time; video marketing increases website traffic and decreases bounce rates. Brands must take advantage of these benefits; by creating videos, they connect more with their target market because consumers feel more involved with their brand’s communication.

Explore how video marketing can help your business. | Digital Marketing | IH Digital

As consumers engage more with videos in social media, their buying behaviours are influenced. They get information on how products are used through demonstration videos, they know if products and services are good through video reviews, and they connect with the brand through lifestyle videos. Because of the benefits they get through video marketing, they, in turn, buy the product and promote the brand by sharing on their personal profiles. Videos generate leads and sales, meaning, businesses get a higher return on their investments.

Video marketing by the numbers

Videos are greater than ever. Let’s see look at the numbers:

  • Users spend 2.6 more times on pages with videos than those without (Insivia)
  • 92% of video viewers share videos with others (HubSpot)
  • 1200% more shares are generated by videos than text and images combined (WordStream)
  • 90% of consumers’ buying behaviour is influenced by product videos (HubSpot)
  • 80% of users can recall a video they have watched over a month (HubSpot)
  • 52% of marketers agree that video marketing has the best ROI (HubSpot)
  • Brands that have videos on their social media grow their annual revenue 49% faster than those who don’t (WireBuzz)
  • 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be from online videos in the year 2021 (Cisco)


The power of 10-second videos

Digital marketing has its uncertainties, but video marketing is certainly here to stay. Though videos are of great use, consumers value their time and their attention spans get shorter. In recent studies, digital marketing experts suggest that in using video marketing, brands should convey the most important message of their brand communication within 10 seconds; shorter videos are now crucial in online advertising. This is a challenge worth taking as brands only get this short chance of persuading their market to know more about them, leading to additional site or page views and to actual purchase.

GIFs – Effective video alternative

GIFs are also a powerful tool in creating content for social media marketing. A GIF is an image file that supports both animated and static images, played in just a couple of seconds; it is a cheaper alternative to videos. Since its file size is smaller, it can be uploaded quickly and can be loaded faster by users. Millions of GIFs are shared daily, and because of the popularity it gathered over the years, it’s now part of how users interact in social media. Brands can definitely take advantage of it.

Make the most out of video marketing

Explore how video marketing can help your business. | Digital Marketing | IH Digital

Video content showcasing customer reviews, tutorial videos and demonstration videos are the top three most effective ways to reach an audience. Whether it’s selling a product or promoting a service, these types of videos are the top choices in social media. Here are some modern trends to consider in creating your brand’s videos:

  • Vertical Video Format

Since mobile phones are the most convenient medium for consumers, 94% of people capture videos upright (Forbes) and choose to watch vertically as well. This year, Facebook has started the uploading of vertical videos saying that fans prefer larger views and have watched more frequently.

  • Facebook & Instagram Stories

These quick snippets showing a few seconds of an individual’s life are totally a hit. Using stories in your brand display more candid moments and is effective when you want to connect with your market on a personal level. Just make sure you capture their interest as stories only last for a day.

  • Live Videos

Live videos are a unique experience for consumers. Compared to non-live videos, live videos get six times more engagement according to Facebook (Search Engine Journal). You can feature your brand’s gimmicks through live videos – product launch, raffle draws, and product demonstrations, backstage access, you can even do a live question and answer as your audience can also engage with you real-time. And if you also target global consumers, you can definitely do so.

  • In-Email Videos or GIFs

Instead of the typical newsletters than you send out to your client, why not include videos? According to HubSpot, videos in emails lead to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates, just be sure to include “Video” on the subject line.

Now is the right time to develop your online marketing efforts. Make your target market experience your brand. Should you wish to explore the wide range of perks of video marketing, reach us.

E-mail marketingIHHow

Digital Marketing: EDM Goals for 2015


Digital marketing road to success

Many recent studies show that up to this day, email marketing is indeed an effective digital marketing approach with proper implementation. According to MarketingCharts, email marketing stands to be the most effective digital marketing tactic as rated by marketers around the world. In the 2014 survey, respondents attributed 23% of their sales to email. It also showed that 82% of agency respondents rate email marketing as either excellent (37%) or good (44%). This online marketing approach also proves to be cost-effective, delivering the best ROI compared to other digital marketing tactics such as social and mobile.

In fact, most consumers likewise agree to this. Email may not be the top brand and marketing communications channel preference, but it in spite of this, email marketing still influences readers to purchase a product or service; one of the best when it comes to digital marketing.

With proper strategy, email marketing can be your business’ best medium for brand engagement.

Getting ready for 2015

Now that we’ve learned how effective internet advertising can be for businesses, here are the 4 big goals you must keep in mind for your 2015 email marketing plans:

  1. More email list, the better

Growing your email list is perceptibly the most valuable thing in this digital marketing approach. Your email marketing plans will largely revolve around your list so keep it growing. The list may include emails of your customers, registrants interested to be updated about your brand, target customers, and a lot more. They are the people that will likely turn to your business in the future.

Start early in order to hit the best results towards the end of 2015. There are, however, two important things to consider while doing this. First, give your future (and existing) customers a favour by making the registration/signup process easy for them. Placement is also a key! Making your sign up forms visible and conveniently accessible on your social media or website can increase your newsletter signups. Second, allow them understand the value of what they are signing up for. Email list segmentation becomes more necessary in targeting groups. By segmenting your email marketing lists, you increase your chances of better open and click rates. Thus, you allow for the narrowing of your focus in order to get your message to the targeted groups wherein recipients will find it more relevant. In this way, you can be sure that your message will go directly to a person who has an idea about your brand. Let them know what they can expect from your messages to give them enough reason to sign up.

  1. Improve email open rates

The most effective way to improving email open rates these questions is focusing on your message’s value. It is your primary responsibility to provide valuable, relevant and up-to-date information to all the people who signed up for your brand’s email update.

Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to improve your open email rates:

Use a well-crafted subject line. Make sure the first thing they see about your message is crafted in a way that will invite interest.

Content is still king. Never underestimate the power of moving your audience through quality content. Recipients open emails with an expectation of quality content. Therefore, it should not be less than great!

The right timing. Do not, in any way, disregard the importance of proper timing when sending your email. Try to optimise email marketing schedules based on days that yielded the best open rates.

Personalised messaging and email segmentation. According to MailChimp, the global results of segmented campaigns performed better than its non-segmented counterparts. Open rates and unique open rates were higher by 13.69% and 10.24%, respectively, than the non-segmented campaigns

  1. Increase email engagement

Engagement in the case of email marketing refers to how your recipients took action after opening your email. One effective measure is looking at your click-through rate, wherein you can also distinguish which links are most engaging to your readers. It could be a link directing to your website, social media page, a registration form, etc. If your recipients are engaged, they will take time to click on the links within your email. Aside from making it trouble-free for your recipients to take action within your email, it is also a must to ensure that the content and design you send out are no less than remarkable.

  1. Positive business results

Your ultimate goal drives back to what made you turn to email marketing, which is to improve business results. ROI, above all else, measures how effective your email and digital marketing efforts are. More than clicks and opens, you need to determine whether your marketing actions made a positive impact to your business in terms of sales, new clients and increased foot traffic, to name a few. Defining a standard set of online marketing source codes is essential in determining the value of the referral from your email marketing campaigns. This process can help you find out how your email campaigns convert on your website and sales. It can track the number of downloads, orders, views, sign ups, clicks, and sales that you get from a link in your email campaign. Furthermore, through conversion tracking, you can learn about the real ROI that measures the effectiveness of your email campaign. By doing so, you may be able to track if your email recipient has completed an action via your email message. For instance, conversions will be tracked when a viewer reaches the final page that appears once a process is completed, i.e., Thank You page. Adding up to greater campaign effectiveness, this measure can eventually help you in implementing your future content marketing plans by studying the results from comparing clicks against conversions, and finally find out which links are redundant, effective and not effective. Hence, before you ever consider increasing open rate and engagement, think about the ultimate goal first so as not to digress from what you truly aspire to achieve for your business.

For more information about email marketing, click here

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Christmas Digital Marketing Tips


Christmas Digital Marketing

Christmas Digital Marketing is Imperative

As the world shifts to a holiday mode as December approaches, Christmas digital marketing moves are becoming more significant. Marketers usually prepare for the holiday season before anyone else does. And digital marketing is the most efficient way to reach a vast number of audiences the fastest way. But as the use of digital marketing strategies heap on during the Christmas season, you need to find a way to become the top among the competing pool of marketers.

We’ve compiled a list of items that you can follow now. It’s not too late to make sure that your digital marketing moves become successful. Read through it and keep it in mind as you reach your goal to have a prosperous Christmas digital marketing success.

Website – Your most important marketing tool

Your website is the image of your business. To keep up with other brands’ Christmas digital marketing moves, keep your website updated and informative. And of course, make sure that it has a responsive web design. Many people will be shopping for Christmas. Don’t miss this chance of attracting people’s attention toward your website.

Always invest in social media

Christmas is all about happiness, sharing and giving. This is what your audience is thinking about as Christmas day comes nearer. Food, presents or travel, for instance. What else can be better than feeding your audience about what they need for the holidays? You can only do this through social media. Social media is one of the best ways to relate and communicate with your audience as you impart your brand identity with them. Be actively present during this special season. Try to stand out from the rest by implementing the best campaign and content strategy for your brand!

Integrate your campaign in different platforms

Sure website is important. So as the different social media channels. But what marketers need to decide about is picking out the best digital platforms for their brand. There’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and of course, the brand’s very own website. Your brand’s Christmas digital marketing campaign should be actively flashing all over your brand’s platforms. It’s Christmas season! So you need to make sure that your voice is heard amid the pool of contents flooding the news feeds of your audience. But remember, this is exactly different from spamming. And you wouldn’t want your audience to consider your brand a spam.

Make it festive, interesting and unique

Try to be unique. All your competitors will be flashing festive images that are related to Christmas. So remember that if you join the trend, you risk remaining unnoticed. Make your audience feel the festive season through your contents and Christmas digital marketing campaign, but be sure to make it unique. Be creative and keep your brand rules in mind as you push for your campaign. Tip: Sometimes a nostalgic feel or idea works, but it’s up to you how to make your campaign work. Know your audience well.

Update your website’s SEO

Is your website following the latest SEO guidelines? People will be searching a lot these days. So if your website is not competing in the search engines, you risk losing a lot of customers. It is best to ensure that your website is ranking up on the search.

Make it personal

Aside from making your Christmas digital marketing move a creative one, using a personal approach can make your brand win too! How? Today, email marketing is becoming one of the best digital marketing approaches once again. It was once said to be an old approach. But once implemented with a good strategy, it can win you big time! Many marketers are once again going back to the old approach but with a different approach this time. Now it’s more interesting, more personal and catchier.

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Email Marketing: Getting return customers


Email marketing is not dead

Many people might think that email marketing is already old and no longer effective to reach potential customers. But believe it or not, email marketing is not on its last legs. In fact, with a proper strategy, it can be more powerful than the most popular social media platforms. Plus, it’s definitely cost-effective.

Remember, trying to make your business moves more personal to your target audience is always a much better approach. Thus, a quality conversation over email will always take the lead in terms of making marketing more personal, which can eventually lead to return customers.

There are two things to keep in mind about email marketing. It will be an effective strategy if:

  1. It is direct and entertaining
  2. It is not spamming the recipient’s inbox

email marketing

Get return customers. How?

You need to reach your customers, but it doesn’t end there. You need to make them even more interested in your products or services on a personal level in order to make sure they will not just be one-time customers. With email marketing, you can implement the most direct approach that can help positively affect the growth of your business. Make your customers happy and make them come back again!

Here are the important ways to get your customers return through the power of email marketing:

Share what’s NEW

We are talking about return customers here. Most likely, these customers you are sending an email to already have an idea about your products and services. It is just proper to make sure that you inform them about new stuff! It will keep them interested. Why do this? Because if not, you are running the risk of your email being sent down the Trash. Remember to communicate well with the point person doing your brand’s newest offers, news, updates and promotions. Be one of the first persons to pick up the news!

Build a relationship

Customers want to communicate with real people. Therefore, be genuine. Make sure your email will sound, look and feel friendly and real. Building a relationship with your customers is always the best way to keep them. And fortunately, you can build relationships with them not only on ground but through email too.

One more thing! If you don’t build good relationship with your customers, your message might only sound pushy and manipulative. And the last thing marketers want to happen is to distance the customer only because you sound like overselling.

Keep it direct and nice

If you want your customers to return, email marketing can help you loads but make sure that your email is well-composed and laid out. Keep in mind the important message that you need to communicate: Why are you sending the email? What’s new? What do you want the recipient to do? If there’s a call to action, make sure it is laid out in the easiest way that readers can understand.

So the next time you do email marketing, never forget to keep it real. In today’s digitally inclined world, people tend to be more skilled in filtering messages that are worth-keeping. Make your email one of them!

E-mail marketingIHHow

Digital Marketing: Back in the Email Marketing Business


Email marketing is a digital marketing tool that has been with us long before the popularity of social media. Many online marketers have now focused on various social media platforms and have completely ignored the importance of email marketing. Today, we take a look back at the yesterday’s online marketing tool of email marketing and why a company must integrate it as part of their marketing plans.

What is it?

Email marketing is a direct form of digital marketing and communication that a merchant uses to acquire new customers or to encourage current customers to repeat loyalty with the brand. Also, brand can integrate advertisements into the email requesting for the recipient to make an immediate purchase.

Advantages of email marketing

  1. ROI can be tracked if the tracking tool is installed effectively. Email marketing is considered to be the most effective form of digital marketing tactic second to only search marketing.
  2. Advertisers can send email to a large number of people who have subscribed to the email.
  3. Users regularly check their e-mails on a daily basis; thus, a chance of them seeing your email is high.
  4. Email marketing allows advertisers to insert rich messages that can include visuals and dynamic messages.
  5. Businesses can promptly take action to important consumer events like purchase or shop-cart abandonment.

[pullquote]It is projected that by 2017 the number of global email users will have risen from 2.4 billion in 2014 to 2.8 billion[/pullquote]

However, the disadvantage of email marketing still lies in the area of spam and the excessive rate of email delivery that users have been bombarded with. But this problem is resolved with the idea of “opt-in” emailing where consumers give consent to receiving emails; therefore, eliminates the idea of getting unsolicited emails.

Why a business should opt for e-mail marketing?

Cost: Email marketing requires small sum of start-up money as compared to other digital marketing channels

Success: On top of the cost-effectiveness, advertisers can send the email directly to the target audience or the ideal customers. If you know how to get it right, then high ROI is achievable.

Measurability and Flexibility: Once you install the tracking tool, records will show which part of the campaign is performing well and which part is not. From this piece of information, you can use it to modify your campaign strategy.

It is projected that by 2017 the number of global e-mail users will have risen from 2.4 billion in 2014 to 2.8 billion. Email marketing will never be put out of business due to its ubiquity and accessibility on every mobile device. Also, more advanced technology and channels will not drive e-mail marketing away but rather complement ways that users can access their email.

Keen to learn more about e-mail marketing? IH Digital can provide you with more answers.