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Facebook Carousel Ads: The Key to Boost Your E-commerce Business


Need to boost your sales and bring more revenue to your e-commerce business? Facebook ad is something you should be looking into. Facebook offers a variety of ad types that can help you position your products to the right audience at the right time. The Facebook ad types range from a single photo to a collection ad format.

For e-commerce businesses, however, there are top 3 ad types that can have the most astounding results compared to the others, namely Slideshow, Single Video, and Carousel ad formats. In this article, we are going to tackle the most widely-used one for showing off multiple products – the Carousel Ad format.

What is a Carousel Ad format?

Facebook’s Carousel Ad is an interactive format that allows you to showcase up to ten images or videos of products in a single ad, each with its own link. With this, you can use your existing e-commerce website or online store (like Lazada) as your landing page when the products on the ad are clicked.

By using this ad type you will have more creative space within a single ad. You’ll be able to feature different products, services, or promotions and highlight specific details about it. Moreover, you can make a creative sequential story that develops across each carousel card to tell more about the brand and your offers.

Carousel Ads Success Stories

Discount offers on e-commerce platforms are prevalent during the shopping season. How can you make your promotions stand out amongst other advertisers?

For their 11.11 and 12.12 sales, Bosch Singapore tapped into paid media campaigns in order to drive traffic to their Lazada store for purchase of Bosch power tools. And with the help of the Carousel Ad format, they are able to feature different exclusive offers in a single ad and direct customers to their e-commerce site conveniently.

Standout from your competitors today!

Start expanding your e-commerce business reach by tapping into Facebook ads. Let IH Digital, a SEA digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore, help you plan your e-commerce marketing strategy. Get in touch with us here to learn more.

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The Awesome Ways Bioré Used Social Media To Launch a New Product

Biore Digital Marketing Product Launch

Whether you’re a multinational company or a humble start-up, launching a new product will always be both thrilling and nerve-wracking. While it often involves a whole spectrum of media, social media has proven to be one of the most important media to focus on because of its sheer popularity. This is especially true if your product resonates with social media’s younger demographic. Such is the case for Bioré, which turned to Facebook to raise awareness for their new product—Bioré UV World’s First Micro UV Defense Formula Aqua Rich Watery Essence.


The brand kicked off their social media campaign by creating a series of teaser posts. The initial teaser video generated remarkably high engagements and more than 4,900 video views.

The excitement for the new product reached fever pitch with more teaser videos that educated fans on what to expect about the new product. Collectively, the additional teaser videos that were posted on Facebook generated more than 3,500 engagements and more than 26,700 video views.

In tandem with their online efforts, the beauty brand also set up a pop-up store in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Here, customers were able to experience the product and receive free samples and vouchers. The event also featured a photo wall that made the pop-up experience more fun for customers. The Facebook paid ads that ran to shout out their pop-up store event reached over 830,000 users.

To further ramp up their promotional effort, Bioré also created an event video for their pop-up store. The video pulled out the best moments from the event, showcased interesting interviews and most importantly, showed off the new product in use. Besides creating further brand awareness, the video gave their pop-up event more mileage.


From raising product awareness, Bioré next shifted their social media marketing strategy to driving sales. A WhatsApp contest was launched with a trip to Osaka up for grabs. To join, they asked customers to purchase at least RM48 worth of female Bioré products including at least one of the new Bioré UV product at any of the Guardian Malaysia outlets.

The brand also created a short video to tease fans on the exciting prize that awaits them and call for more entries. Supported by media buy, the contest shout-out managed to attract almost 200 more entries.

Bioré also partnered with Watsons for their Town is Beach campaign. For this social media effort, the brand ran a carousel ad that led fans to the campaign’s Watsons landing page.


Need a digital marketing agency to provide digital marketing and social media marketing services for your beauty brand? Whether it’s creating a social media strategy for your next event or executing video marketing campaigns for the next big holiday, a digital marketing agency like IH Digital will help you along the way. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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China Digital Marketing: China’s Best Social Media Platforms

China Digital Marketing: best social media platforms in China | Digital Marketing | IH Digital

China Digital Marketing: China’s Best Social Media Platforms

When talking about search engines and social media platforms, most people would think of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. But, did you know that China has its own version of social media apps too? Brands used some of these apps to reach their Chinese target audience. Read further and know the three most-used apps for China digital marketing.


WeChat is a messaging app known for being the Jack-of-all-trades because it has many features that are beneficial to the user. This social app is like a combination of Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, and more. According to Dragon Social, the average daily WeChat users is 619.6 million in September 2018. Brands have a lot of opportunities when marketing on WeChat because it is also used for shopping. Others used the app to buy plane tickets, train tickets, and hotel & restaurant reservations. You can even pay bills, get a taxi, transfer money, or order food using this app.


Weibo is one of the most popular social media platforms in China. It is similar to Twitter where users can post, and talk about anything with a character limit. Weibo users can also post photos, videos, and GIFs. Brands see the opportunity to do China digital marketing using this app because they can easily share information and engage with their audience.


China also has a search engine and a forum in one communication platform called Baidu Tieba. Users can search for information and discuss any topic. Brands can create blogs, forums, or even run banner advertisements.

Photo Courtesy: Sansiri on Baidu | Yazhou Property

Connect with your Chinese Audience through China Digital Marketing

It’s time to escalate your brand’s reach! IH Digital is a digital marketing agency in Singapore that offers a variety of marketing services including China Digital Marketing. We provide 360 degrees marketing approach that creates, distributes, and amplifies meaningful contents.

Do you see brand opportunities with China Digital Marketing? Contact us today!

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Food Content Marketing: Five Spice Singapore is the New Gem of Changi Airport

Five Spice Singapore | Food Content Marketing

Food Content Marketing

Content marketing for F&B companies is one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies. Brands can easily get into the hearts and minds of their audience because food is a necessity and everyone can be enticed by it. Who doesn’t love reading or watching videos about good food, right? Social media users would love to know about a new recipe or about a new restaurant that will open a few blocks away from home.

Five Spice Singapore | Food Content Marketing

IH Digital: Five Spice Content Marketing

Five Spice, a new market dining concept situated at Singapore’s Changi Airport, serves its customers well with the authentic dining experience and exquisite Southeast Asian food. With that, IH Digital proposed that they give the same amount of attention to their social media audiences through content marketing. Five Spice has its own website and also social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram that are managed by IH Digital.



Five Spice also engages in video marketing to give a better scoop of what is happening inside the kitchens of its stalls. Video marketing is one of the many services IH Digital provides. It is an effective way to entice customers by enabling the brand to be more relatable and accessible. Moreover, influencers use video to create food reviews.


Jumpstart Your Food Content Marketing with Us!

Content marketing isn’t easy to manage alone. IH Digital is a digital marketing agency in Singapore providing the right content marketing strategies for brands. It offers a 360 marketing approach including consultancy & research, social media marketing, video marketing, China digital marketing, and more! Interested to work with us and boost your brand’s marketing strategy? Contact us today!

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Property Digital Marketing: How Lumos Reaches Out To Its Key Markets


These days, no property developer can pull off a well-rounded marketing strategy without including digital marketing into the mix. From generating leads to reaching hard-to-access markets, property digital marketing allows real estate developers to stay competitive in the business. Take a look at what this Singapore property did to reach their target markets with the right digital marketing tactics.

How Lumos promotes to two markets through Facebook

The Lumos at 9 Leonie Hill, a freehold luxury development within walking distance of the Orchard district, turned to IH Digital with the goal of tapping Singaporean and Indonesian buyers. Through a well-planned social media marketing strategy, IH Digital helped them set up a Facebook page that catered to their two target markets–Singapore and Indonesia.

In order to zero in on their two markets, geo-targeting and translation ensured personalized content reached the audience. Ads were also placed on Facebook and Google Display Network to gain exposure and drum up interest for Lumos, .

And to generate more buzz about the property, articles were placed on Yazhou Property websites. The latter is an online property portal that helps buyers find an overseas property.


Let IH Digital help you create a digital marketing campaign to promote your property to your key markets! Want to learn more about IH Digital, a Singapore digital marketing agency providing social media marketing, search marketing, China digital marketing and more?  Get in touch with us today!

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IH Digital: Singapore Government Media Marketing Campaigns

Online and offline marketing for government agencies | IH Digital Singapore

Like private sector businesses, government agencies also require integrated marketing solutions to help them distribute their campaigns and reach their target audience. IH Digital is a company awarded with the Singapore Whole-of-Government (WOG) period contract for media-buys to help Singapore government agencies achieve their marketing goals.

IH Digital: Government Marketing Showcase

Growing Facebook Fanbase

IH Digital ran advertisements on Facebook for ReachSingapore to help them grow their fan base and has achieved over 20K new fans since 2017.

Know more about the Whole-of-Government advertising from content creation and social media marketing to media buying and outdoor marketing. | IH Digital Singapore
Photo courtesy: @REACHSingapore


Moving back to 2014, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) also partnered up with IH Digital for their @WeKeepYourWorldMoving campaign, and gained 100K new Likes on Facebook, contributing to over 35 percent of LTA’s total fan base.

Know more about the Whole-of-Government advertising from content creation and social media marketing to media buying and outdoor marketing. | IH Digital Singapore
Photo courtesy: LTA @WeKeepYourWorldMoving


Video Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing is also helpful in creating campaign awareness. It is a preferred marketing medium by many brands due to its high entertainment and engagement levels. Take for example, MCI’s “jobs & economy” video campaign comprised of humorous English and Mandarin language videos running across popular video platforms like YouTube, VIU, Yahoo, and on Facebook’s engaging video ad format.

Video source: govsingapore YouTube 

Another government campaign ran by IH Digital in 2018 was MCI’s Gov.SG video ads on Facebook and YouTube. It aimed to inform SME about available subsidies, as well as featuring testimonials from local entrepreneurs. The campaign achieved over 1.2 million views at a low average cost per view. Over 25K clicks were also generated from interested users keen to learn more about the programmes via Enterprise Singapore’s website.

Know more about the Whole-of-Government advertising from content creation and social media marketing to media buying and outdoor marketing. | IH Digital Singapore
Photo Courtesy:


Google Search and Display Ads

In a bid to increase awareness of LTA’s Knackstop website, IH Digital ran Google Search and Display Ads from 2016 to 2018. From 2018, google banner ads were run to direct audiences to the new Knackstop FB page. These efforts, along with monthly Knackstop FB ads helped grow the page fans to over 12K in less than 8 months.

Know more about the Whole-of-Government advertising from content creation and social media marketing to media buying and outdoor marketing. | IH Digital Singapore
Photo Courtesy @Knackstop


Content Creation & Digital Media Boosting

Content creation and media amplification are two of IH Digital’s specialties. MSF commissioned IH Digital to produce content for their Facebook page. IH Digital helped amplify MSF’s key messages through a variety of media boosts covering topics such as reporting elderly abuse & family violence and showcasing efforts from noteworthy individuals who made contributions to promote social values in Singapore.

Know more about the Whole-of-Government advertising from content creation and social media marketing to media buying and outdoor marketing. | IH Digital Singapore
Photo Courtesy @MSFSingapore


Land Transport Authority Print Ads

IH Digital bought print media for Land Transport Authority (LTA) for their ads on the opening of the new Lornie Highway on April 19.

Know more about the Whole-of-Government advertising from content creation and social media marketing to media buying and outdoor marketing. | IH Digital Singapore


Outdoor Advertising (OOH)

Out-of-Home advertising can complement online marketing and targets on-the-go audiences outside the online world but can be integrated with online ads for a seamless experience as well. Here are some of the OOH ad campaigns carried out by IH Digital for government agency clients.

Know more about the Whole-of-Government advertising from content creation and social media marketing to media buying and outdoor marketing. | IH Digital Singapore


Know more about the Whole-of-Government advertising from content creation and social media marketing to media buying and outdoor marketing. | IH Digital Singapore


Let IH Digital Help You for Both Online and Offline Marketing!

Want to have excellent marketing solutions? IH Digital Singapore is a one-stop-shop media buying agency providing 360 marketing services including content marketing, OOH, media buying, video marketing, consultancy & research, and more. For a fast and transparent transaction, contact us today at

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Property Digital Marketing: How Amber45 and The Tre Ver Get Seen Online


Years ago, property developers focused much of their marketing efforts using traditional tactics such as TV, radio and billboards. But as the world became increasingly digital, so did their marketing efforts. Take Amber45 by UOL Group and The Tre Ver, two properties that embraced the power of property digital marketing to reach potential buyers.

Amber45 by UOL Group harnesses the power of Facebook


Amber45, an exclusive freehold property by UOL Group, tapped digital marketing agency IH Digital to create a Facebook page for promoting the new technology-focused condominium. On the Facebook page, Amber45 generated interest for the property by showcasing the latest developments in Amber45. Moreover, the Facebook page was also a fitting avenue to highlight the condominium’s key advantages and convenience. From nearby retail stores to accessible activities, the content deployed surely bannered it’s prime Katong location.

To garner interest and generate leads, Amber45 also utilised Facebook leads ads in static and animated formats. Forms accompanied the ads in order to collate leads. Besides Facebook, Amber45’s property digital marketing strategy also included Google Display Ads, Google Search Ads and YouTube In-Stream and Bumper Ads.

The Tre Ver’s digital marketing efforts

IH-Digital_Property_Digital_Marketing_TheTreVerjpgThe Tre Ver, a condominium in Potong Pasir, also looked into digital marketing to reach their target market through their own Facebook page. Additionally, we helped them deploy Facebook Link Ads, Google Display Ads and Google Search Ads similar to Amber45. With The Tre Ver targeting younger families, IH Digital also incorporated other digital avenues. These included audio ads on Spotify, banner ads on Golden Village’s website, banner ads on the Grab app and sponsored ads on Money Smart.


As more home buyers use the internet, developers also need to realise the importance of real estate digital marketing. Let IH Digital help you promote your property to your coveted market through the right digital channels! Want to learn more about IH Digital, a Singapore digital marketing agency providing social media marketing, search marketing, China digital marketing and more?  Get in touch with us today!

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Instagram Marketing: Lian Meiting at Maxi-Cash First Outlet Opening in Wisteria Mall

Instagram Marketing: Lian Meiting on Maxicash First Outlet Opening | IH Digital

With Instagram being more business-friendly, brands can reach a wide range of target market just by posting images partnered with an awesome copy. According to, It has landed rank sixth most popular social network in the world as of 2019. Many users are drawn by its features like sharing photos, making use of hashtags, and more!

Instagram Marketing: Lian Meiting on Maxicash First Outlet Opening | IH Digital
Photo Courtesy:


In 2016, IG introduced new features such as sharing videos, advertising, and Instagram stories. Speaking of Instagram stories, Maxi-Cash was one of the many brands to make use of both Instagram and influencer marketing at the same time! Maxi-Cash recently opened their first outlet store at Wisteria Mall, Singapore. Among the excited visitors was Lian Meiting, a well-known social media influencer, who featured Maxi-Cash Wisteria outlet on her IG stories.

Instagram Marketing: Lian Meiting on Maxicash First Outlet Opening | IH Digital
Photo Courtesy: Maxi-Cash SG | Instagram


The Maxi-Cash outlet store in Wisteria mall was full of wonderful line ups from jewelry to bags that’s why our lovely guest was thrilled to try on some of the watches, bracelets, and bags. This place is truly a gem to visit in Singapore. Catch more deals when you visit Maxi-Cash, Wisteria mall. Maxi-Cash gives out deals up to 80 percent on jewelry, and up to 30 percent on bags and more.

Instagram Marketing: Lian Meiting on Maxicash First Outlet Opening | IH Digital
Photo Courtesy: Maxi-Cash SG | Instagram


Start your Instagram Marketing with IH Digital!

Instagram is truly a powerful marketing tool to use for your brand’s social media campaigns. Tap more audience with Instagram marketing! IH Digital is a digital marketing agency providing 360 marketing approach which includes social media marketing,  SEO, and more. Want us to create, distribute, and amplify your digital marketing campaigns? Contact us today!

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Petronas Won Top 10 Enterprise at Weibo Starlight Awards

Petronas won Top 10 Enterprise at Weibo Starlight Awards︳IH Digital

Petronas won Top 10 Enterprise at Weibo Starlight Awards

Congratulations to our client, Petronas Malaysia who won Top 10 Enterprise 2018 in Weibo Starlight Awards. Petronas working with IH Digital Marketing Agency has proven to be fruitful with its great success in engaging with a huge number of Chinese audiences through a combination of influencers and social video campaign they did on Weibo.

Petronas won Top 10 Enterprise at Weibo Starlight Awards︳IH Digital
IH Digital receives the award on behalf of Petronas.


Case Study: Petronas’ Weibo marketing campaign

Weibo is the most popular Chinese social media platform with over 600 million users, which makes it one of the best ways to increase brand awareness in the Chinese market through social media marketing. IH Digital helped Petronas run two Weibo video campaigns with influencers engagement for Chinese New Year in 2018 and 2019.

The video campaign ran in 2018 has garnered 5.87 million views in 20 days. We have engaged with 3 Chinese influencers with a large fan base and got over 2.5 million impressions. This year, we have garnered 7.5 million views as of 15 March 2019 and engaged with more influencers such as car vlogger, 车少话车 which garnered over 4.7 million impressions.

Petronas won Top 10 Enterprise at Weibo Starlight Awards︳IH Digital

With the huge success, Petronas has won Top 10 Enterprise Award at the Starlight Awards ceremony held by Weibo. We are honoured to receive the award on behalf of Petronas. Many famous stars in Asia have attended the ceremony, including Hong Kong singer Joey Yung, Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh and Nancy Wu, K-pop star Mark from GOT7, Thai singer Mike Angelo and Malaysian singer Shila Amzah.

Petronas won Top 10 Enterprise at Weibo Starlight Awards︳IH Digital
Famous Hong Kong singer Joey Yung on stage at the Starlight Awards.


Petronas won Top 10 Enterprise at Weibo Starlight Awards︳IH Digital
Tai­wanese singer Kenji Wu singing at the Starlight Awards.


Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Campaign in China with IH Digital

IH Digital has been appointed as the Official Southeast Asia Partner of Weibo and has presence in SG, MY, TH, VN, and PH. We can provide advertising solutions and Weibo account verification services; work directly with Weibo and influencer agencies to provide planning and buying services that cater to your diverse digital needs, to help you reach out to the Chinese audience.

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Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2019


As a new year approaches, expect an array of new and exciting digital marketing trends in tow. While many of the trends we’ve seen in the past year will remain relevant in 2019, it’s still important for brands to take note of emerging and still-evolving techniques to keep your digital and social media marketing strategies sharp as ever. Take a look at the four trends to look out for in digital marketing.


The popularity of chatbots can’t be denied. It’s been around for a couple of years but it still shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, according to Business Insider, 80% of businesses intend to use chatbots by 2020.

With its indispensable ability to reach and engage customers any time of the day, chatbots fill in the limitations of the human workforce. Indeed, chatbots are bound to become an important customer service option thanks to their ability to respond faster and smarter.


In 2019, micro influencers will take centre stage. Unlike influencers, who are celebrities or big-time bloggers with a large following, micro-influencers are usually individuals with less than 10,000 followers. Despite having fewer followers, studies have shown that micro-influencers actually generate more engagement per post.

IH-Digital_Digital-Marketing_Microblogger_Microinfluencer A microblogger engagement campaign for Araya Hong Kong

With the help of micro-influencers, brands can harness the power of relatability and higher conversion. How? While engaging a celebrity with millions of followers can help brands reach a bigger audience, not all the celebrity’s followers may be interested in what you’re offering. But if brands tap into the power of a micro-influencer with a specific interest, they are more likely to build greater rapport with those pool of potential customers.


Have you been incorporating video into your content marketing strategy? Now’s not the time to slow down as video remains on top. In particular, live video is expected to lead the way in video content strategies. A microblogger engagement campaign for Araya Hong Kong

Honda Malaysia Facebook Live video at KLIMS 2018 Motorshow
From Facebook Live to Instagram Live, the possibilities are endless for brands to great as creative and as engaging as they can. Other formats that are expected to rise in popularity are 360-degree video content and vertical videos. The latter is especially popular on Instagram. In fact, over 75% of millennials watch videos in this format.


Technological advancements are also seeping their way into digital marketing. One global trend to look out for is augmented reality. Through this immersive technology, brands can incorporate visual elements–such fas their products–onto an actual space.


Need a digital marketing agency in Singapore to provide content marketing services that could cater to any of your digital needs? From video marketing to social media marketing and SEO to China marketing, IH Digital will help you plan and execute your campaigns. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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Digital Marketing: Maybank Celebrates Incorporation in Singapore


Digital marketing is a must for any business. No matter the industry or scale of a business, digital marketing is integral to any brands’ success. As more and more customers are online, the right digital marketing strategy paves the way for any business to reach them—on a level playing field, at that.

Digital marketing is also a way for banks to generate brand awareness, promote financial education and products, and earn trust among prospects and customers. For banking institution Maybank, engaging in digital activities has been the way to go to celebrate their incorporation in Singapore.

Maybank not only organised a celebratory event at the Maybank Tower but also tapped digital agency IH Digital to create a post-event video that showcased the day’s activities. Moreover, the corporate video also highlighted Maybank’s various CSR initiatives and social media efforts to create awareness on their incorporation.

IH Digital_Maybank Facebook Application_Digital Marketing

Maybank further stepped up their digital marketing game with a Facebook application created by IH Digital. The application, Maybank Celebrates, Maybank Cares, allows users to share how Maybank has partnered with them in their journey. Furthermore, users can also opt to send their well wishes for Singapore instead.

For every message received through the application, Maybank will donate S$10 to their partner non-profit charity, Food From The Heart. To entice users to join, they are giving away a staycation at Fullerton Hotel, CapitaLand Mall vouchers and Grab credits.


Need to stand out among your competitors? IH Digital is a digital marketing agency in Singapore armed to cater to your digital needs. From corporate video production to social media marketing, IH Digital is the digital agency in Singapore you need. Get in touch with us today and let us help you plan the best digital strategy for your brand.

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Myths About E-Commerce

Learn the truth about these multiple myths and misconceptions about e-commerce.Learn the truth about these multiple myths and misconceptions about e-commerce.

There are many myths about e-commerce that have surfaced with the ever-increasing popularity of transactions over the internet. With that, let us break down the 5 common myths and discover what goes behind these unproven beliefs.

Myth #1: It will all go well after you’ve established your e-commerce website

Some business owners think that running an e-commerce website is just a piece of cake. In fact, some of them think that after setting up an e-commerce site, their online traffic is assured, not knowing that there are key factors for success (e.g. data protection, sales strategies, and online marketing strategies) that must be looked into.

There are plenty of e-commerce platforms that will help you build your store like Lazada and Qoo10 to take the complex stuff off your shoulder. But, if you’re really keen on hosting your own website, we suggest that you invest well and let the experts build your website, and help you with digital marketing to improve sales.

Myth #2: A great product alone is sufficient to bring you a lot of customers.

There is no doubt that having a good product is one of the key success factors for your business, but without effective marketing efforts, it will be hard for your business to take off to success. One thing that every e-commerce seller must keep in mind is, he must offer good customer service and have an effective marketing strategy (such as SEO and a strong social media presence) alongside their great products.

Myth #3: Lower price attracts more customers

Certainly, the price of a product is a big factor to catch the buyers’ attention. For this reason, most sellers think that if they lower the price of their product, they will gain more buyers. However, this is not necessarily the case. Lower pricing can leave unwanted impressions on potential customers regarding the credibility of the products and of the seller. For instance, if an item has a price tag substantially lower than that of a similar product sold by another vendor, customers might believe that the cheaper product was of inferior quality.

Myth #4: It is not worth investing into a mobile-friendly website/platform.

If some business owners still think that there is no need for mobile-friendly websites, they are mistaken. E-commerce web traffic today is actually higher on mobile devices than on desktops (Source: The Telegraph).  If an e-commerce website is not mobile-friendly, it will be missing out on the bulk of e-commerce traffic!

Myth #5: Tracking revenue as the sole measure of performance is sufficient

It is true that every e-commerce business must understand their revenue and know that it plays a big part as a key performance indicator (KPI). Nevertheless, to understand how they can improve their marketing strategies, they must also keep track of, and study other performance metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and website bounce rates – these metrics help signal which are the areas that need to be improved.

If you are interested in the opportunities e-commerce has to offer, message IH Digital now. IH Digital is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore and has a presence across multiple countries in the region and in Greater China. We can help you reach your e-commerce and online marketing initiatives. Message us here.