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Digital marketing and the need to provide real human experience

Digital marketing and the need to provide real human experience

As more brands compete for the attention of online users, more comprehensive digital marketing plans emerge. One of the digital marketing trends in 2018 is the use of automation in social media platforms. Chat bot is one of the best known example. As much as automation comes very useful, there are yet some significant things to remember not to overlook. This is none other than the real human experience.


Digital marketing automation

The function of digital automation in brands’ digital marketing efforts are undeniably helpful. This helps ensure that audience are attended to. The use of chat bots or automated responses in social media marketing are helpful to some extent. Question however is how effective these automation are when people seek for real people to discuss subjects with?


Social media marketing is an effort not only to provide a visual of the brand. But also to establish an identity that is reliable and with efficient in customer service. Hence, real social interaction with and within the brand’s social media platform is crucial. This is to make the audience feel the sincerity of its customer care services. Make them feel that they are well attended to for their feedback and concerns. And ultimately, that they are not left to discuss matters with artificial intelligence representatives.


Consider the usefulness of digital marketing automation. How can brands on social media platforms make better use of this functions? How can brands use it to provide more digital marketing benefits?


Effective approach to social media management


Weigh the situation

What does your brand need? Does it require human experience? Or would an automated approach be a better option? Study the product or service your brand is selling to gauge the situation.


For brands requiring detailed decision-making, an automated response could be a second option. This is applicable to brands that may highly involve substantial topics such as financial matter, home or insurance. Such brands require a customer service representative that can fully comprehend and respond to the situation. The last thing we want our audience to feel is frustration towards our customer service because this event could arise to a social media crisis situation.


Use the best of both practice

The aim of every digital marketing campaign is to provide audience with relevant information. And eventually turn them to customers and loyal consumers. Hence, the digital marketing plan must involve the aim to provide satisfactory customer service experience. There are digital marketing tools that can help brands use automated responses in a way that is personal. This approach is effective on brands’ social media platforms. Proper social media management is crucial as this can provide customers with their desired extent of individualization and attention.


Value customers’ convenience

Provide customers with all the convenient options whatever way they prefer to connect with you. Keep in mind that digital automation is a digital marketing function. The better way however is to delight customers through human customer care and support. So make way to encourage better fan loyalty.


Considering all the possible options to connect with consumers? IH Digital is a digital marketing agency that provides the best digital marketing strategy to communicate with online users. We can help you plan the right approach to digital marketing automation. Moreover, we implement the best practices covering social media fan management. Our efforts provide satisfactory customer service experience to our clients’ followers. Enquire with us today.

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Case Study: How We Executed a Successful 360 Digital Marketing Campaign for Honda Malaysia

Honda-CityUsing Honda Malaysia as a case study, learn about IH Digital’s execution of a successful 360 Digital Marketing campaign. Make an enquiry with us today!

What is a 360 Digital Marketing Strategy?

At IH Digital, we believe strongly in a 360 Digital Marketing Strategy. With our three main arcs – Create, Distribute and Amplify, we aim to cover your entire digital marketing campaign. Let us illustrate our 360 approach using a successful campaign we executed for Honda Malaysia.

In its recent launch of the new Honda City, Honda Malaysia worked with IH Digital to release a Facebook Video to allow its social media fans to take their first look at the car. IH Digital executed a well-coordinated content marketing and social media strategy for Honda Malaysia. By comprehensively planning with our three main arcs in mind, the team was able to execute the campaign successfully without any hiccups.

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At IH Digital, we have an in-house content marketing team, creating engaging content from animated motion graphics to interactive applications. We aim to provide owned media for your social engagement.

For this Honda City campaign, IH Digital played an important role in creating the Facebook Video. From developing a creative storyboard and script to producing the video using high-quality production equipment, IH Digital handled each production stage with meticulous care. On top of that, IH Digital played an immense role in engaging and managing our talent – Megan Tan. With her presence, Honda Malaysia was able to explain the features of the car clearly, without losing the viewers’ attention.


After creating such a masterpiece, it would be a waste not to share it online on a social media platform. At IH Digital, our social media marketing team will distribute your content by uploading on several social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube. From managing your fans’ comments to conducting a wall contest, you can count on IH Digital to make your fans engaged with the page, building a unique and intimate relationship.


To help you extrapolate your reach, our digital media specialists will study the digital trends and plan for an optimized digital advertising campaign. By choosing the ideal placement of your media ads at the lowest cost, your digital marketing efforts will surely pay off as you are able to reach out to your desired pool of customers.

Results of this 360 Digital Marketing Campaign

  • It garnered 252 thousand views within 4 days
  • Garnered 5.6 thousand likes, 2.8 thousand shares within 4 days

In search of a Digital Marketing Agency?

If you are looking to make a digital impact, IH Digital provides services that are tailored to fit any of your digital needs. With our 360 Digital Marketing Strategy, IH Digital will be able to execute a campaign that fits your brand well. Drop us a message and learn more about our digital marketing approach.


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Learn more about the Benefits of Digital Marketing for Your Business


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketinis defined as the promotion of products, brands or services via one or more forms of online platforms. The term is so prevalent today as the usage of internet increases over the years. However, not everyone knows the benefits of digital marketing and the current digital marketing trends marketers around the world adhere to.

Here is the question that all business owners are thinking of. Why should I invest in digital marketing?

1. It connects you with your online consumers.

Today, about 80% of consumers use the Internet to make their search for information. Instead of flipping through volumes of phone directories or print ads, gathering results via the search engines or social media platforms makes it easier and convenient.

On top of the having a large online audience, digital marketing allows you to reach out better to the ones that are looking for your products and services. Traditional marketing works by broadcasting messages to broadly-defined audiences. However, digital marketing focuses on buyer demographics and less on marketer convenience. This provides a targeted marketing approach, increasing your conversion rates.

Having a large and targeted audience allows you to win half the digital battle. Your success is guaranteed if your content marketing strategy is put in place. By posting creative content and organising contests on social media, you are able to engage your fans better and spread your brand message more effectively. Your fans are able to stay connected and your brand will always be at the top of their minds.

2. It is cost-efficient.

Digital media is found to be more cost-effective than traditional media, like prints or TV ads. In fact, small business owners are reporting that they are saving about 40% as compared to using traditional marketing.

An average 30 seconds TV commercial costs about $3000 in Singapore. It is astronomically high as compared to the average cost per click (CPC) of $0.32 on Facebook in 2015.  With CPC, you will pay each time someone clicks on your ad which takes them to your landing page. Facebook will optimize to find the people most likely to click on your ad in that way, allowing your marketing efforts to be targeted at your desired audience. If the digital marketing strategy is planned and executed well, your online marketing efforts can improve your business ROI by up to 300%.

3. It keeps you on par with your competitors.

As seen in our case studies, marketers are aggressively promoting on social media and other online platforms. Every festive season, you will see brands trying their best to outdo each other on social media by posting the most creative content and organising contests to drive engagement among their social media fans.

By adhering to the current digital marketing trends, you will not be losing out to your competitors. From social media marketing to search engine optimisation (SEO), let IH Digital, a trusted digital marketing agency in Singapore, help you out.

Start planning your Digital Marketing Strategy!

At IH Digital, we provide digital marketing support on the following channels:

Discover other online marketing strategies by IH Digital that might work for your brand! Speak to one of our representative here.

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Christmas Digital Marketing Tips


Christmas Digital Marketing

Christmas Digital Marketing is Imperative

As the world shifts to a holiday mode as December approaches, Christmas digital marketing moves are becoming more significant. Marketers usually prepare for the holiday season before anyone else does. And digital marketing is the most efficient way to reach a vast number of audiences the fastest way. But as the use of digital marketing strategies heap on during the Christmas season, you need to find a way to become the top among the competing pool of marketers.

We’ve compiled a list of items that you can follow now. It’s not too late to make sure that your digital marketing moves become successful. Read through it and keep it in mind as you reach your goal to have a prosperous Christmas digital marketing success.

Website – Your most important marketing tool

Your website is the image of your business. To keep up with other brands’ Christmas digital marketing moves, keep your website updated and informative. And of course, make sure that it has a responsive web design. Many people will be shopping for Christmas. Don’t miss this chance of attracting people’s attention toward your website.

Always invest in social media

Christmas is all about happiness, sharing and giving. This is what your audience is thinking about as Christmas day comes nearer. Food, presents or travel, for instance. What else can be better than feeding your audience about what they need for the holidays? You can only do this through social media. Social media is one of the best ways to relate and communicate with your audience as you impart your brand identity with them. Be actively present during this special season. Try to stand out from the rest by implementing the best campaign and content strategy for your brand!

Integrate your campaign in different platforms

Sure website is important. So as the different social media channels. But what marketers need to decide about is picking out the best digital platforms for their brand. There’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and of course, the brand’s very own website. Your brand’s Christmas digital marketing campaign should be actively flashing all over your brand’s platforms. It’s Christmas season! So you need to make sure that your voice is heard amid the pool of contents flooding the news feeds of your audience. But remember, this is exactly different from spamming. And you wouldn’t want your audience to consider your brand a spam.

Make it festive, interesting and unique

Try to be unique. All your competitors will be flashing festive images that are related to Christmas. So remember that if you join the trend, you risk remaining unnoticed. Make your audience feel the festive season through your contents and Christmas digital marketing campaign, but be sure to make it unique. Be creative and keep your brand rules in mind as you push for your campaign. Tip: Sometimes a nostalgic feel or idea works, but it’s up to you how to make your campaign work. Know your audience well.

Update your website’s SEO

Is your website following the latest SEO guidelines? People will be searching a lot these days. So if your website is not competing in the search engines, you risk losing a lot of customers. It is best to ensure that your website is ranking up on the search.

Make it personal

Aside from making your Christmas digital marketing move a creative one, using a personal approach can make your brand win too! How? Today, email marketing is becoming one of the best digital marketing approaches once again. It was once said to be an old approach. But once implemented with a good strategy, it can win you big time! Many marketers are once again going back to the old approach but with a different approach this time. Now it’s more interesting, more personal and catchier.

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Brand Statement Crafting Guide for Marketers


Brand statement significant points

Communicating what your brand is all about is an essential point in every business. Brand statement explains what your brand should be known for. It includes your brand’s reputation, specialty, services and best attributes. The clearer your brand is, the more effective you can lay down your marketing plans. It is also a vital part in presenting and communicating your brand to your social media agency. In this way, you can establish a smooth relationship in ensuring that you are on the same page when reaching your goals.

Crafting your brand statement

Know your brand’s goals

No one can tell the best attributes of your brand better than you. Establish your brand’s goal well and know exactly what you aim for. Before you start crafting your brand statement, make sure you know your brand’s value. What problems will your products and services solve?

Determine your target audience

Knowing your audience is fundamental to the success of your business. In order to better craft your brand statement, try to know who they are, their age, income and what things will drive your audience toward your business. Your brand statement should first and foremost become attractive and interesting to your target audience.

Your customers’ need is your focus

Start with the customer base’s needs. What your customers need is to know that you can efficiently provide their basic needs from your business. Every customer has varying needs. You must ensure that what your brand statement meets your customers’ need.

Keep it real and genuine

Research well and keep your statement genuine. Research is necessary to ensure that what you state is not too ideal to be true or not supported by facts. Using the adjectives “best,” “leading,” “top of the line,” and more should be backed by real figures or proof even if these facts will not be blatantly mentioned in your brand statement. You must be able to answer with credibility in case questions arise.

Know your cut above the rest

What is your brand’s distinguishing features? Never miss to include what you offer best that makes your brand and business unique from your competitors. The essence of brand statement is communicating why your audience should support your brand and pick you against your competitors.

Are you ready to craft your brand statement? Your two-liner brand statement will determine your whole brand so make sure you nail the best words to describe it.

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Thought Leadership Building through Social Media


Thought leadership and your brand

What is thought leadership? And what does the digital world needs from it? As billions of digital content populate the web today, online users tend to narrow down their searches, be smarter in typing in their search keywords, and ultimately, become hungry for the best content to trust. Content developers are now instigating more intelligent online strategies through high-quality content. Thought leadership is being able to establish credibility and authority through opinions, innovative solutions, unique perspective, newest strategy and best answers to consumers’ major questions. Building this smooth brand-consumer relationship requires a strategy to ensure the effectiveness of all content that will be laid upon the audience. Thought leaders set as inspirations, a primary information source and a driving force to take on challenges faced by the audience.

Making use of the social media

With today’s fast-advancing technology, thought leadership is becoming a significant point in effectively differentiating a brand from its competitors. Reasons to this continuously become more apparent as social media grow to be a huge portion of most consumers’ time and lifestyle.

To effectively become a thought leader, the following must be kept as part of your digital and content strategy:

Know your goals

Remember why your brand is present in the first place. With the help of people’s feedback in the digital social sphere, you can establish a specific goal. Communicating all things about brand to your audience requires your clear understanding of your brand’s purpose.  Knowing what you want to accomplish helps to effectively define your next moves. Do you want to be a medium for customers who want advices about the industry you belong to? Which is more valuable to you – being recognised or being a basis for recognitions? Set your goals and start crafting your digital strategy according to your brand’s purpose.

Set your unique voice and character

Who will your audience expect you to be? A thought leader carries a distinct identity that makes you on top of your industry. Identify your character, voice and values. Be consistent and never allow anything (big or small) that might shatter the authenticity of your identity. Remember, customers will always trust a genuine identity.

Be the expert that anyone can turn to

You are a leader, so continue to be one. Thought leadership must not be a one-time execution. It is a continuous process wherein you need to feed yourself with knowledge, skills and expertise. The Internet today is an open resource wherein answers can be uncovered without difficulty. Bear in mind that what you need to offer to your audience must be unique, the best, and authentic. When a question arises, be prepared with the best answers and solutions. And you can only do that by opening your mind to the continuous process of learning. Never stop. Be your audience’s greatest mentor by providing information that adds value to your audience.

Create a content strategy

When building thought leadership through the social media, one thing you can never miss is a thorough content strategy. It is essential because your plans, steps and all information that supports your plan will be included in your content strategy. It will define a huge chunk of your entire brand execution. How will you present your brand in the social media? How will you engage your audience? How will you keep your brand interesting?

Build your social online presence

Establishing presence in the social media is definitely a must in today’s digital world. In order to build thought leadership, your online presence must be known to your audience. They need to know that you can be easily reached to provide information and answers to their queries. In this way, you can get your audience to participate in sharing your information. Your brand’s exposure in different online portals is something that you can work on. How can you do this? Participate in forums, actively answer questions with expert contribution, be part of conversations, advices, tips and ensure that all content you provide are high-quality and relevant. Make use of the social media to present your expertise effectively.

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Social Media and Youth: A Workshop at Nanyang Polytechnic



Social Media among youth at NYP explained

With the incessant rise of technology, the youth is becoming a powerful bearer of news and developments through the influence of social media. A lot of people might not be aware how much the young generation is actively contributing through the use of different platforms. In IH Digital’s talk about Engaging Youths with Social Media at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) on 26 September 2014, the habits of youth, and all about social media engagement were laid out and explained thoroughly.

IH Digital / Social Media Workshop
IH Digital / Social Media Workshop


What’s interesting about the talk on social media?

The talk participants were not much aware about their contributions in the social media sphere. The youth, taking a significant chunk of the audience, became interested to learn about social media and engagement as the discussion transpired.

During the talk, the social media landscape in NYP was explained. Do you know which social media platform gets higher user activities from NYPians? Are you thinking about Facebook as the answer? Interestingly, the social media platform Twitter is becoming more popular among the students at NYP. And yes, much more than Facebook. Every month, Facebook users are averaging 2,500 hits, compared to Twitter’s 25,000 hits. The explanation to this is generally practical. As students, they want bite-sized and easy-to-digest information. Just through a tap of a clear hashtag, all needed information will appear right on the screen.

However, looking at social media use all over Singapore, Facebook generally remains the king of social media, followed by Instagram, which is also becoming a big hit among the youth of NYP. In fact, simply following the hashtags #nanyangpoly and #nanyangpolytechnic will provide your eyes with abundant feeds of photo shots from NYPians.


Making use of the social media

Are you aware about what a good content strategy is?  Seeing social media as a medium for powerful communication, the popular social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – must be used to engage students and the youth. In another portion of IH Digital’s talk, speakers explained Engagement 101 as well as the Do’s and Don’ts in Social Media.

The lessons laid out under these significant topics took much of the talk participants’ interests. Why? Basically because they have learned why a particular post is effective or not. Moreover, participants have learned much about branding, content, and engagement rules and techniques. Right after the talk, a Q&A session took place in order to address grey areas.

IH Digital / Social Media Workshop 2
IH Digital / Social Media Workshop 2


IH Digital’s expertise

Let your brand fly highest among the brands in your industry. The proper planning of a social media strategy must not be taken lightly. Today’s technology use is constantly changing, which is why it is important to stay up to date with trends, news and information to be able to apply the best approach to your brand’s social media move. Talk to us and let’s work to make your brand soar high!