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These 4 Digital Marketing Tactics Drew More Patients for Pantai Group

Pantai Group, Malaysia’s healthcare leader, uses 4 digital marketing tactics to attract more patients online.

In today’s digital age, medical brands such as hospitals and pharmaceutical companies are leveraging into building their online presence to strengthen their brand through an array of digital marketing efforts, particularly SEO and search marketing. Thanks to the advancement of online advertising, greater visibility and a wider reach to potential customers are now possible.

Pantai Holdings Berhad (PHB) recently took to digital marketing to further enhance their brand awareness online. Commonly known as the Pantai Group, PHB is one of Malaysia’s leading integrated healthcare groups with a network of 14 multi-disciplinary hospitals throughout the country under 2 brands: Pantai Hospitals and Gleneagles Hospitals. 

Pantai Group engaged online marketing strategies to increase patient acquisition and website traffic within Malaysia by utilising SEO marketing, content marketing, search marketing (pay-per-click or PPC), retargeting via Google Display Network (GDN) and Facebook Ads.

4 Digital Marketing Tactics to Grow Traffic for Healthcare Brands

1. SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial as more patients are relying heavily on search engines to do their research. Pantai Hospitals optimised its existing website by improving the usage of keywords & phrases that potential patients are looking for when they search. 

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing includes everything that online presence and website encompasses. In efforts of enhancing the online presence of the healthcare group, the healthcare brand produced branded article content as well as medical content writing for specific conditions and diseases. The published articles include breast cancerlung cancer, and colorectal cancer.

IH Digital produced branded medical contents for Pantai Group’s website.

Besides content writing, Pantai also launched creative infographics with 4 language adaptations, such as English, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia, to fulfil the article. 

IH Digital, also a creative agency, designed infographics in 4 languages.

3. Search Marketing (Pay-Per-Click or PPC)

The competition in search marketing in the medical industry is considerably high, and despite the firms’ best efforts on search engine optimisation, integrating targeted keywords on website content alone cannot easily put your website to the top of Google search. That is why they utilised paid search marketing through Google Adwords PPC to make up for any shortfalls in search engine and to ensure that Pantai Hospitals’ website appears in the first Google search engine page results.

Within the first month of Pantai Group’s search marketing implementation, the ads generated a significant increase in website traffic by 10.22%, while patient acquisition grew by 22%. 

Pantai Group also launched paid search marketing with Google AdWord PPC.

4. Retargeting via Google Display Network & Facebook

Not everyone searching on Google have the same intention. Some people don’t book an appointment immediately without considering their options. Some may only be looking for general information online related to their symptoms or conditions. This explains why sometimes, having high website traffic is not parallel to having a high conversion rate at the same time. However, due to the advances in online advertising, there is a so-called retargeting method, which was deployed in line with Pantai Group’s goals. With retargeting, any healthcare brand can ultimately convert online visitors into patients in no time.

As previously mentioned, Pantai Group incorporated a retargeting strategy via Google Display Network (GDN) for its hospitals in an effort to optimise conversion by targeting those who have visited their website in the past without submitting an appointment. Creatives and copies were also produced to further improve the campaign.

Pantai Group employs retargeting strategy via Google Display Network to optimise conversion.

Other than GDN, the medical group also implemented social media marketing campaigns on Facebook, specifically to amplify retargeting efforts.

Pantai Hospitals are currently running Facebook ads managed by IH Digital.

Want to know the many ways to promote your healthcare business online? Drop your details here to schedule a meeting with our Marketing Expert.

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3 Simple Tricks to Promote Your Pharmaceutical Brand Online

Why Pharma Firms Like Abbott Need a Digital Marketing Agency

With more and more companies getting in on digital marketing, it makes sense that pharmaceutical companies would want to leverage a competitive digital marketing strategy to stand out in the industry. 

The Challenges Pharmaceuticals Face when Marketing Online

Alluring as it may be, pharmaceutical digital marketing can be difficult, even for a big brand like Abbott.  One misstep in marketing and advertising medications online can directly affect a person’s life. This is precisely why regulations are set to gatekeep what is shown online. What’s more, rules governing pharmaceutical digital marketing vary from country to country, making it all the more difficult to digitally market such products overseas. 

How Can Pharmaceutical Companies Enter Digital Marketing? 

Even though pharmaceutical digital marketing poses a difficult challenge, it’s not impossible. Below are the essential steps on how new players can enter the arena: 

#1 Set Your Objectives Clearly

Ask yourself, why does your company want to enter the world of digital marketing? Is the purpose to engage with a wider audience, to sway their decision, or to drive sales? 

Whatever the choice is, you need to set the objective clearly because each objective might require a different strategy and platform. You can either leverage search marketing or display marketing. 

Once you choose your objective, you are now ready to map out your online marketing strategy, which brings you one step closer to reaching your business goals. 

#2 Strategise Your Campaign and Drive Results

There are many ways to increase a product’s awareness. One campaign strategy is how Abbott, a US-based health care and pharmaceutical company, increased its product SURBEX® Zinc’s awareness in Malaysia through YouTube, the top video sharing platform online. 

Using an eye-catching creative as well as strategic media buying, SURBEX® Zinc’s video ad garnered almost 400k views in only two months. Not only did the video catch the viewer’s attention, but it also led the viewer to their website, leading to a substantial amount of website traffic. 

One of the three YouTube ads made by IH Digital for Abbott

Of course, there are a lot more ways to spread products awareness such as content marketing, social media marketing, search marketing, and the like. But all these would not have been achieved without incorporating media planning and buying and content creation ot their efforts. 

#3 Review Your Campaign

After everything has been set and done, it is crucial to see whether or not your campaign reached your target KPI. This analysis leaves room for future improvement. 

Abbott used more than just one way in spreading the awareness of SURBEX® Zinc. To further widen the scope, the pharma brand featured four Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) using the product in an article placed on OhBulan!, a Malay entertainment website. 

An article on OHBULAN! featuring four celebrities using SURBEX® Zinc

Within less than a month, the story had at least 20k views. The result well exceeded the initial target of 15k story views. Afterwards, it proceeded to expand the reach using social media marketing through a Facebook and Twitter shout out. 

The SURBEX® Zinc product review article with a Facebook shout out on OHBULAN!

With the right tools to measure a campaign’s success, you can analyse data for the improvement of your future campaigns.

Are you having difficulties marketing your pharmaceutical brand online? Engage a digital marketing agency now to ease your troubles away. Drop your details here to know more about our services and what we can offer for your digital endeavours.

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FMCG Digital Marketing: Tips for New Marketers

FMCG Digital Marketing: Tips for New Marketers | IH Digital

In the past, most consumer goods are promoted on televisions only. However, as mobile phones and the internet continue to revolutionize the lifestyle of consumers, more FMCG brands are entering digital marketing channels.

Digital marketing has created a new value proposition for FMCG brands and helps them reach their target audience through a different perspective and approach. They can portray their brand identity best with digital marketing, and it’s one of the most important factors which influenced purchase decisions.

With many FMCG brands present in the digital world today, how do new marketers keep up? Read further as we discuss some digital marketing tips!

1. Involve Your Brand in Different Digital Channels

Not all of your audience is in one digital channel only, and some of them don’t rely on just one social media platform. As an FMCG brand, know where your consumers go. Facebook and Instagram are one of the most popular digital channels. Brands like beauty or skincare products may also create YouTube channels and produce skincare tips for their customers. All of these channels are popular for paid ads as well.

FMCG Digital Marketing: Tips for New Marketers | IH Digital

2. Content Marketing is the Key

Involving yourself in various digital channels isn’t enough. Digital marketing is your opportunity to entice your audience with awesome content. It is highly possible to catch your audience attention when you produce great content.

3. Develop your Product Catalogue

The easiest way to encourage conversions or influence purchase decision is to create a catalogue of all your products. As FMCG brands pursue e-commerce, most consumers depend on online shopping simply because it’s fast and convenient.

FMCG Digital Marketing: Tips for New Marketers | IH Digital
Photo Courtesy: Greenfields Facebook Shop

4. Engage with Your Audience

The greatest way to attract potential customers and retain loyal ones is to engage with them virtually. You can conduct as many brand events as you want, but engaging with them online gives fast results, and it is affordable. Almost 70% of consumers time is spent on mobile phones or computers. This is why it is best to engage with them through wall contests, polls, or inquiry response.


Ready to Engage Your Brand into Digital Marketing?

Managing social media platforms can be overwhelming, especially for new FMCG digital marketers. IH Digital is a digital marketing agency that provides digital marketing solutions through a 360-degree approach. These include content marketing, social media marketing, Search Marketing, Media planning and buying, and more! Interested to work with IH Digital? Send us your inquiry today!

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Food Marketing: Five Spice Singapore is the New Gem of Changi Airport


Food Content Marketing

Content marketing for F&B companies is one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies. Brands can easily get into the hearts and minds of their audience because food is a necessity and everyone can be enticed by it. Who doesn’t love reading or watching videos about good food, right? Social media users would love to know about a new recipe or about a new restaurant that will open a few blocks away from home.

Five Spice Singapore | Food Content Marketing

IH Digital: Five Spice Content Marketing

Five Spice, a new market dining concept situated at Singapore’s Changi Airport, serves its customers well with the authentic dining experience and exquisite Southeast Asian food. With that, IH Digital proposed that they give the same amount of attention to their social media audiences through content marketing. Five Spice has its own website and also social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram that are managed by IH Digital.

Five Spice also engages in video marketing to give a better scoop of what is happening inside the kitchens of its stalls. Video marketing is one of the many services IH Digital provides. It is an effective way to entice customers by enabling the brand to be more relatable and accessible. Moreover, influencers use video to create food reviews.

Jumpstart Your Food Content Marketing with Us!

Content marketing isn’t easy to manage alone. IH Digital is a digital marketing agency in Singapore providing the right content marketing strategies for brands. It offers a 360 marketing approach including consultancy & research, social media marketing, video marketing, China digital marketing, and more! Interested to work with us and boost your brand’s marketing strategy? Contact us today!

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This is Why Video Marketing is the New Digital Marketing Revolution!

Video marketing is your next thing! | Social media trend

Almost everything on social media relates to video marketing. It is another marketing medium where you plan, shoot, and post videos on social media to deliver the brand’s purpose. Not only that! It also educates and entertains your customers as a lot of social media users are visual learners.

And soon, brands’ videos will be all around us conquering social media platforms, LED billboards, televisions in public places, and more. Find out why video marketing is the next big thing!

Video Marketing Perks 1: You can feature more about your product

Some people love seeing great product photos on Facebook, or Instagram page but all they have are still pictures. Users are more enticed to buy products that have video content such as how-to videos, product reviews, tutorials, or do 360 degrees feature videos!

Video Marketing Perks 2: People are more hyped with what they watch than what they read

With video marketing, you are tapping two senses: sight and hearing. Unlike reading, it is much more exciting and interactive to produce videos. Your viewers are attracted not only to the visual presentation but also to the sound it has.

Video Marketing Perks 3: Some influencers are into videos already

Video marketing is your next thing! | Social media trend

Another reason why you should invest in video marketing is that most influencers are using videos to promote themselves and give updates to their followers. If you plan to partner up with a lot of influencers, then you must also adapt to this trend.

Video Marketing Perks 4: You can post on different social media sites

You have a lot of choices on where to post your videos! Most social media sites are video-friendly now. They upgrade their apps to encourage the use of videos. You can feature your brand or product through a Facebook live, Instagram stories, YouTube live stream, or just a video post.

Changing the Digital Marketing Game!

IH Digital is now adapting to the video trend providing clients with great video posts such as GIFs, micro-videos, product videos, and more! Check out this video created by IH Digital!

Want to see more videos? You can visit IH Digital YouTube channel, and subscribe for more video updates!

Tap on Video Marketing Now with IH Digital!

IH Digital can help you with your digital marketing needs. A digital marketing agency that will introduce you to video marketing, and other marketing services such as social media management, content marketing, search marketing, Chinese digital marketing and more! Contact us today!

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Online Marketing: Your Website Development To-Do List

Maximize what a website can do for your business. | Online Marketing | IH Digital

Your website represents your business online. Other than a tool to showcase your products and services, it is an online marketing platform that displays your brand’s value and credibility. Yet, simply having a website is not enough, it must effectively function – designed to cover all your customers’ needs.

Basic Necessities of a Website

If you don’t have a website for your business yet, here are the things you need first:

Domain Name

The domain name is your business’ online address and it’s uniquely made for your company. For instance, IH Digital’s domain name is

Web Hosting

Now that your business has an online address, where does it actually live? Web hosting is the location or the server of your website where your customers come to visit. It is a server that connects your website to people who search for your business online.

Business Email Address

Having an official business email address is especially important for businesses who are still starting. Having builds more credibility than just using It also helps in maintaining the security of your presence online, keeping away spam messages and hackers.

Website Content

Surely, content is king. But what kind of content do you put on your website? Having pages about your company, your products and services, and your contact details are not enough. You must determine your target market, know their wants and needs, and integrate content to media that gets them interested – blog posts, images, videos, or GIFs.

Maximize what a website can do for your business. | Online Marketing | IH Digital
Make a list of all the things you need for your website.

Maximize Web Design & Development

Build a website that your business needs, not a website that you personally want.

Since you’ve already set up a basic website from the notes we’ve given above, be your customer and ask yourself, is it enough? Website design and development is more than just how your website looks, of course, it is part of it, but there are other factors to consider as well. The standards on a well-developed website for 2018 are as follows:

Load Speed

In online marketing, everyone is a consumer and what do we hate the most? Time wasted. Having a page view is already a milestone but for one to stay and browse through the pages of your website, it must load quickly. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a blank screen on your mobile or laptop to load. Avoid losing customers that hit the close button once your website loads slowly.


Websites that are not mobile-optimized, meaning browsing on your phone and seeing the same layout as that of a computer’s, are hard to navigate. Our phones are designed with smaller screens and your website’s design should adapt to it. This way, users will be able to browse through your website smoothly.

Compatible with Multiple Browsers

You can’t control what browser people use when viewing your website. Make sure they can view your site properly and it functions well in various browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. We suggest that you do a multiple browser check.


Content Management System or CMS is a software where you can input and modify the design, content, images, videos, links and even the codes on your website. Before any of your content goes live, you can preview those using CMS. You can make the necessary changes before people see it. Choose a CMS software that’s easy to navigate. WordPress and Joomla are examples of a reliable CMS used by website design companies.

SEO Friendly

With good website SEO, you’ll put your website on top of search results on different search engines. Write useful and informative content for your customers and use the right SEO tools so your website can be seen easily. Know more by reading the basics in integrating SEO marketing to your website.

Social Media Integration

Include social media icons that your website viewers can click on your website. Since social media presence gives you a wider reach, incorporate your website content marketing by also sharing them on your Facebook or Instagram pages.

Google Analytics

Track and analyze the activities done by users on your website. With Google Analytics, you will acquire a detailed report on how many people actually go to your website, what they do, what page they spend most of their time on, the least visited pages, and more. By knowing all these, you will know how to improve not just your website but your products and services as well.

Email Marketing

Building an email network is another effective way to drive traffic to your website. By sending out valuable content to this network that you have, you can display information about your products and services, discounts perhaps? According to 2018 Radicati Group Study, there will be almost 4 billion email users before 2019, meaning, there are a lot of opportunities for you to convert email marketing to actual sales.

Website Security

Eliminate your website’s security risks. After putting all these efforts to create a well-functioning website for your business, you don’t want to lose everything you’ve built, do you? Viruses and hackers are everywhere but there are numerous ways to protect your website. You can use a tight firewall, antivirus protection, SSL security, and IPS/IDS. You can talk to our experts to know what security you need for your website.

If you want to go through the nitty gritty of creating an effective online marketing website for your business, IH Digital offers website design services. We’ll make sure we cross out everything from this website design and development to-do list.

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Video Marketing: The Future is Now

Explore how video marketing can help your business. | Digital Marketing | IH Digital

In an age where online presence is highly important, brands need to live up to the trends – creating a website, a Facebook page or an Instagram profile is not enough anymore. To achieve business success, it is necessary to maximize what these platforms can offer. Digital marketing experts in the past years have predicted that videos will be the future of content creation in social media and they were 100% right. For marketers to convert content to sales, they must know the current effective ways of doing so; for video marketing, its future is definitely now.

What you get from video marketing

Videos are an excellent engager. Have you caught yourself spending more time on videos in your timeline lately than ever? That’s because videos have evolved into a more attractive, informative and immersive experience. Compared to written content, a website or page that contains more videos are most likely getting visited more for a longer period of time; video marketing increases website traffic and decreases bounce rates. Brands must take advantage of these benefits; by creating videos, they connect more with their target market because consumers feel more involved with their brand’s communication.

Explore how video marketing can help your business. | Digital Marketing | IH Digital

As consumers engage more with videos in social media, their buying behaviours are influenced. They get information on how products are used through demonstration videos, they know if products and services are good through video reviews, and they connect with the brand through lifestyle videos. Because of the benefits they get through video marketing, they, in turn, buy the product and promote the brand by sharing on their personal profiles. Videos generate leads and sales, meaning, businesses get a higher return on their investments.

Video marketing by the numbers

Videos are greater than ever. Let’s see look at the numbers:

  • Users spend 2.6 more times on pages with videos than those without (Insivia)
  • 92% of video viewers share videos with others (HubSpot)
  • 1200% more shares are generated by videos than text and images combined (WordStream)
  • 90% of consumers’ buying behaviour is influenced by product videos (HubSpot)
  • 80% of users can recall a video they have watched over a month (HubSpot)
  • 52% of marketers agree that video marketing has the best ROI (HubSpot)
  • Brands that have videos on their social media grow their annual revenue 49% faster than those who don’t (WireBuzz)
  • 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be from online videos in the year 2021 (Cisco)


The power of 10-second videos

Digital marketing has its uncertainties, but video marketing is certainly here to stay. Though videos are of great use, consumers value their time and their attention spans get shorter. In recent studies, digital marketing experts suggest that in using video marketing, brands should convey the most important message of their brand communication within 10 seconds; shorter videos are now crucial in online advertising. This is a challenge worth taking as brands only get this short chance of persuading their market to know more about them, leading to additional site or page views and to actual purchase.

GIFs – Effective video alternative

GIFs are also a powerful tool in creating content for social media marketing. A GIF is an image file that supports both animated and static images, played in just a couple of seconds; it is a cheaper alternative to videos. Since its file size is smaller, it can be uploaded quickly and can be loaded faster by users. Millions of GIFs are shared daily, and because of the popularity it gathered over the years, it’s now part of how users interact in social media. Brands can definitely take advantage of it.

Make the most out of video marketing

Explore how video marketing can help your business. | Digital Marketing | IH Digital

Video content showcasing customer reviews, tutorial videos and demonstration videos are the top three most effective ways to reach an audience. Whether it’s selling a product or promoting a service, these types of videos are the top choices in social media. Here are some modern trends to consider in creating your brand’s videos:

  • Vertical Video Format

Since mobile phones are the most convenient medium for consumers, 94% of people capture videos upright (Forbes) and choose to watch vertically as well. This year, Facebook has started the uploading of vertical videos saying that fans prefer larger views and have watched more frequently.

  • Facebook & Instagram Stories

These quick snippets showing a few seconds of an individual’s life are totally a hit. Using stories in your brand display more candid moments and is effective when you want to connect with your market on a personal level. Just make sure you capture their interest as stories only last for a day.

  • Live Videos

Live videos are a unique experience for consumers. Compared to non-live videos, live videos get six times more engagement according to Facebook (Search Engine Journal). You can feature your brand’s gimmicks through live videos – product launch, raffle draws, and product demonstrations, backstage access, you can even do a live question and answer as your audience can also engage with you real-time. And if you also target global consumers, you can definitely do so.

  • In-Email Videos or GIFs

Instead of the typical newsletters than you send out to your client, why not include videos? According to HubSpot, videos in emails lead to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates, just be sure to include “Video” on the subject line.

Now is the right time to develop your online marketing efforts. Make your target market experience your brand. Should you wish to explore the wide range of perks of video marketing, reach us.

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Social Media Marketing: How Brands Celebrate Chinese New Year (II)

Social Media Marketing: How Brands Celebrate Chinese New Year (II)

In the previous article, we have mentioned Chinese New Year is one of the world’s most prominent and celebrated festivals and introduced how brands inject the CNY festival spirit into their social media marketing campaign through Facebook mini game and receipt videos. Here is more ways to celebrate CNY while engaging supporters and promoting brands:

Animated Video – Filial Piety

Chinese New Year is a time of joy, great food and family togetherness. IH Digital produced an animated video for Filial Piety. In the video, everyone is wearing traditional Chinese clothes, saying CNY greeting with gifts.


Live Post – MY Merries

MY Merries has launched a Live Post Wall Contest and invite fans to answer the question to win the prize. Just press and hold the photo, and the ang pow packets will show up. Count how many ang pow packets you found in the photo and comment to win a set of our exclusive ang pow packets along with a sample of Merries Good Skin Pants.

To experience this Facebook ­Live Photo, follow this link on your smartphone:


Blogger Engagement – Petronas

Many people will drive for a few hours to go back to their hometown and visit their family. Petronas has launched a video about it with blogger engagement in Weibo. We invited some famous Weibo bloggers to share this video and reach more fans. The video reached 3.03 million impressions with 650K video views within 24 hours.

Social Media Marketing: How Brands Celebrate Chinese New Year (II)

Micro Video – Biore Malaysia

IH Digital produced a micro video for Biore Malaysia, which showed their products, discount and New Year greeting within 12 seconds.

IH Digital is a reputable digital marketing agency in Singapore, present in 6 other countries across Asia, proficiency in more than 10 languages. We produce written and visual content to engage your audience in other markets across Asia. Contact us now to learn more.

Related article: Social Media Marketing: How Brands Celebrate Chinese New Year!(I)

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Content Marketing: Feature UNIQLO SPORTS in digital look book

Content Marketing: Digital Look Book promoting UNIQLO SPORTS CollectionUNIQLOSports Malaysia launched a digital look book webpage for their latest collection as a part of their content marketing and digital marketing strategy

UNIQLO Malaysia made an appealing move on their customers recently by launching an interactive digital look book in their content marketing campaign. The digital look book showcased UNIQLO SPORTS latest collection and has reached out to a mass crowd. The interactive look book is an extension of the current website and was created as a webpage by IH Digital Singapore, a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

A digital look book webpage allows UNIQLO SPORTS to engage their audience visually and to create a brand personality in this online marketing campaign. UNIQLO SPORTS was supported and modelled by Malaysia’s very own national sports players from different sports category. This type of content marketing integrates comfort with versatility. The look book offers a familiar and homely feeling showing that the products are suitable for all types of sports.

Interesting and interactive function and styling were added in the look book webpage to entice audiences; users could just simply purchase the products, by conveniently clicking on the sports product being modelled. User friendly, direct and convenient webpage are important and necessary in making digital marketing successful. This content marketing strategy creates a strong image association and product awareness to the audience.


Benefits of using Look Book Webpage in Content Marketing

Look Book is a digital document that features the product’s collection. It is an effective platform for brands to online market your product in a light hearted way.

1. Entice Audience

Look book is new form of content marketing; it is able to capture audience’s attention with its appealing visuals content. It engages your product with the audience without coming off too forceful. Visuals content enables audience to better understand the product.

2. Build Brand Personality

Look book is a good platform for your brand to tell your story and build your brand personality. It is able show the audience what your brand wants to represent and your brand style.

3. Cost effective and easily accessible

No printing cost is incurred for look books. All you have to do is to create a design and upload it on the internet. Also, you are able to change your content easily at any time. It can be access easily by audience through the internet at all time.


Are you still wondering how to integrate a look book webpage or plan for other kinds of website development in your content marketing strategy? Don’t hesitate and contact us here! IH Digital, a trusted digital marketing agency in Singapore, can help you out by catering to your digital needs!






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Content Marketing: Honda Malaysia engage using Facebook Live Poll


The introduction of Facebook Live changes the dynamics of content marketing strategy on social media. With the newly added live streaming feature like Snapchat, Facebook Live is becoming a powerful digital marketing tool on social media advertising.

As Facebook starts adopting Facebook Live platform, the evolution of engagement videos on social media as a content marketing strategy transforms dramatically and quickly. Living in a social media-dominated world, we are constantly chasing after the latest information from the mobile. Now that Facebook Live is catching up on latest digital marketing trends, major business pages are stepping on the trend in boosting their respective pages with various engagement videos, particularly Facebook Live.

In conjunction with the new Honda City launch campaign, Honda Malaysia organises “Digital Treasure Hunt Contest” for customers to take a creative selfie with the new vehicle. Before the wall contest begins, Honda Malaysia allows the fans to choose the prizes for the selfie contest winners through Facebook Live reaction poll. The results turned out well, with approximately 1,700 votes reacting to the poll in choosing the prizes.

[metaslider id=5324]

The wall contest of the campaign allows the participants to take a selfie with the new Honda City to fill in the missing part of the puzzle. Participants will need to snap a selfie at the nearest Honda authorised sellers. Finally, participants have to post the selfie on the comment box with a caption of what they think about the new car to create a valid entry.

As a result, the wall contest has garnered more than 1,000 entries. Honda Malaysia successfully executed the campaign with well-planned content marketing efforts in enticing the fans voting for prizes via Facebook Live. In addition to that, the wall contest conveniently helps to drive more sales for Honda and increase the footfall at Honda’s authorised dealer when participants are taking selfies with the new Honda City.

Wanting to execute an outstanding content marketing campaign?

IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, ready to cater your digital needs to make your brand stand out among the others! If you’re interested, inquire with us today.

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Digital Marketing: 5 Video Marketing Trends to look out for in 2017

Female vlogger recording video at homeFemale vlogger recording video at home. Close-up of camera screen with young blogger face picture. Fashion, beauty, technology concept

Video marketing involves the use of social videos for digital marketing purposes. Social videos are digitised videos, designed to be seen and shared through social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Just imagine how much you can share with your audience using a minute-long video. You can share about 1.8 million words in that short video. On top of that, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos on their social media platforms. I guess with that in mind, you would not be surprised if Facebook announced that there are about 4 Billion Video Views per day on its social platform. There is no denying that video marketing must be a part of your digital marketing strategy in 2017.

Here comes the question that all business owners are thinking of. How do I make my video start out?

Let us look at 5 video marketing trends for 2017.

  1. Facebook Live
    The raging popularity of Live videos in 2017 is a force to be reckoned with. Brands and marketers alike are embracing this real-time platform as a digital marketing strategy. This video marketing tactic is truly unique as it establishes a connection between the brand and its followers in real time.

    Sulwhasoo Singapore – Grand Opening @ ION Orchard

  2. Interviews
    Interview videos have been around for a long time. They are effective for sharing the brand story and history. This story-telling captivates the audience and the essence of the story can be shared effectively.

    Honda Malaysia – Atsushi Arisaka, Chief Engineer of Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd,

    Kao Laurier Malaysia – #LaurierGoGirl with Girl Drifter Leona Chin

  3. Tutorials
    Beauty Makeup Tutorials and Cooking Tutorials are two popular types of video tutorials online. Not only are you showcasing your products, you are also engaging the audience and sharing with them how to use the products.

    Panasonic Singapore – Rainbow Vegetable Sushi Roll

    Laneige Singapore – Eugena Bey’s Beauty Tutorial

  4. Animations
    Animations allow you to present content in a fun and dynamic way. Animated videos tend to be simple, insightful and typically appeal to everyone. Animated characters are fictional and people love the imaginative and creative elements in video animation.

    MSF Filial Piety – Dinner Time

  5. Stop Motion
    Stop motion video involves the stitching of multiple photographs, providing an illusion of motion. In doing so, the products come to life by moving around on its own. Can you imagine the work that is behind this video?

    LOTTE Confectionery S.E.A – Valentine’s Day Celebration

Start planning your Video Marketing Strategy!

After looking at the different video marketing trends for 2017, think about which video editing style you would adopt for your video production today! Let us help you with the planning and execution of your video production. With our digital marketing agency’s vast experience in producing social videos, we will expand your outreach and increase your fan engagement on social media platforms.

Discover other digital marketing strategies by IH Digital that might work for your brand! Speak to one of our representative here.

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Content Marketing: Join Leona Chin and be a #LaurierGoGirl!


Kao Laurier Malaysia promotes their new content marketing campaign – #LaurierGoGirls by featuring Leona Chin, Malaysia’s popular female drifter. In this new campaign, Kao Laurier encourages females to pursue their dreams, promising to provide them with the support and protection they need during their red days. Working with IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, Kao Laurier released two featured vignettes with Leona Chin in conjunction with its Facebook Contest as part of its social media marketing strategy.

In the two Facebook videos, Leona Chin shares about her passion for her career in the unconventional industry and how Laurier plays a huge part in providing the comfort and confidence she needed while working. She ended off both videos by encouraging the female viewers to join her as a #LaurierGoGirl and to pursue their dreams with passion and confidence.

The wall contest #LaurierGoGirls enables fans to win cash vouchers and prizes. Participants will simply have to like the videos and share about how they overcome the challenges their red days posed in the pursuit of their dreams. Following that, they will need to add the hashtag #LaurierGoGirls and tag two other friends to share their stories as well. This content marketing strategy aims to reward Kao Laurier’s social media fans for their engagement and support towards the Facebook page as well as the brand.

Using Facebook Videos for Content Marketing

Videography is a vivid and rich medium wildly popular among social media fans. Interviews and vignettes allow the brands to share their brand stories and insights effectively, creating a long lasting impression.

Laneige Singapore’s Beauty tutorial video and LOTTE’s Pepero Day video are great examples to showcase how brand messages can be injected into Facebook Videos.

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