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Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy With Facebook Chatbots


Social media isn’t just an avenue for brands to provide their customers with news, updates, and entertainment, but a channel for brands to perform customer service as well. As such, it’s important for brands to set up strategies that seamlessly integrate customer service into their social media marketing efforts.

With the ‘always-on’ nature of social media, customers will turn to your brand at any time of the day and expect a prompt reply. When that happens, you need to be a helpful resource and not leave questions unanswered for hours. How do you provide answers as soon as possible? By leveraging messenger bots or chatbots.


Chatbots are autonomous digital messages that can provide automated responses without human intervention. Targeted at improving real-time engagement, chatbots are able to have simultaneous conversations, vastly improving response time.

Although many brands might have a dedicated staff in charge of addressing queries on social media, sometimes these aren’t enough. For brands that receive a higher volume of questions, comments and complaints, chatbots can be the first line of customer service. In particular, this will prove valuable in freeing up time for brands’ customer service team. This way, your dedicated team can prioritize more pressing and complex customer concerns over simple product inquiries.

The fact that chatbots can be personalized according to your business’ needs is what makes it particularly valuable. This social media tool can be customized to drive traffic to your website, receive and process orders, or simply send out entertaining news and info to your customers.


Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Facebook Chatbots | Digital Marketing | IH Digital Malaysia

Photo Courtesy: Jin Air Taiwan Facebook Page

Korean low-cost airline Jin Air, a long-time partner of IH Digital, realized the potential of chatbots. Through IH Digital, they launched a Facebook chatbot to address common customer inquiries. These include concerns about system ticket purchase failure, errors in online bookings and clarifications on the baggage limit.


Undeniably, including chatbots in your social media strategy will help your brand build a stronger relationship with customers. But while it’s convenient for customers, it’s beneficial to businesses as well. As a one-time investment, businesses can save on overhead cost on a social media customer service staff.

Are you ready to include Facebook chatbots in your digital marketing strategy? Find out how you can drive business goals using this social media tool with IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore that provides simple and flexible solutions to your social media marketing needs. Get in touch with us today and let us help you win your next social media campaigns.

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Drive Business Success with Social Media Chatbots

Explore how chatbots can help you achieve business success. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

The demands for excellent customer service have been increasing. Businesses now thrive harder to avoid public complaints, bad reviews and the worst case, people from banning their services and products. People around the world can now access any information they need about anything, whether locally or globally through social media. They get to know your brand instantly with just a few clicks, so it is essential that you up your brand’s capabilities in digital marketing to serve your customers even better.

Every business wants a cost-effective way of reaching out to their customers and on the other hand, customers want a quick and convenient way to connect with the brands and services they need. What better way to accommodate these needs than utilizing easy-to-use social media chatbots?

Chatbots serve as your business’ personal digital assistant, an effective social media strategy. When used right, it can attend to your customers’ queries about your business and on the products or services you offer – location, contact details, business hours, pricing, orders, availability, reservations and bookings; you can even set it to answer questions about your upcoming events. It can send messages, audios, images and links on a real-time basis. For customers who are on-the-go, you can configure chatbots to work via voice commands. It’s a 24/7 digital agent that can untiringly serve your business through social media.

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

The Benefits:

  • Businesses can identify their customer’s needs. Chatbots give insights about the users’ interests through analytics and data collection. In return, businesses can adjust their products and services based on what the customers want.
  • Most businesses opt for chatbots for its affordability. With the right tools, you can save money from maintenance and updates.
  • Time wasted is money wasted and by using chatbots, you can save time from answering the same queries and longer turnover of responses. Your customers can be more satisfied due to fast answers.
  • With chatbots being available daily, your business will gain more customer engagement.
  • Because of its convenience online, new customers can reach your business more as it is now easier and faster than an email or call.


Businesses Using Chatbots:

For years, chatbots are already utilized by small, medium and large companies in their social media. Here are some companies who use chatbots as their personal virtual assistant:

  • Mastercard

Through their Facebook Messenger chatbot, users can now easily check their account’s transactions. This online marketing lets users order food instantly through Mastercard’s partner restaurants.

  • Sephora

Sephora’s chatbot can provide users with different makeup tutorials, product reviews and ratings. Users can receive beauty tips which really capture their interests. It is clever internet advertising.

  • Fandango

Targeting moviegoers, Fandango can let users watch movie trailers, find local theatres, check movies schedules and suggest movie houses that are close to you. A payment page will appear should you wish to purchase movie tickets.

  • Jin Air Taiwan

As part of their online marketing, Jin Air Taiwan’s Facebook chatbot has gathered their customers’ most frequently asked questions. Through clickable buttons, users can select airline or flight issues and they automatically receive responses.

Chatbot Templates

In a survey conducted by Business Insider, 80% of businesses want chatbots by the year 2021. Why wait that long if you can have one now? Chatbots have its own limits, designing it the best way possible is crucial. We at IH Digital can design a chatbot that will perfectly suit your business needs. Facebook Messenger Chatbot features that you can utilize are:

  • Text Messages – Compose standard messages

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

  • Generic Template – A combination of image, text and buttons

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

  • Button Template – A structured message with text and up to 3 clickable buttons

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

  • List Template – Provides 2-4 structured items, each with an image, title, subtitle, button or URL

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

  • Open Graph Template – Share music with a structured open graph URL and an optional button

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

  • Receipt Template – Confirm orders with an order summary, payment details, and shipping information

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

  • Airline Template – Show users their boarding passes, flight updates, itineraries, and check-in reminders, designed in with an actual look

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

  • Media Template – Send out images, GIFs, and video that can be played in the conversation

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

  • Quick Replies – Set up to 11 in-conversation buttons and send with the default image and name of the sender

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

Set the bar in providing competitive services to your customers; if you’re looking for a digital marketing agency, contact us to learn more.