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Social Media Tip: Make Facebook Chat available from your website

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Today, we are sharing one significant technique in social media. Did you know that around 53% of online users are more likely to complete a purchase from sellers they can message directly? That’s how significant live chat or messenger is. Additionally, most online users today are present on Facebook. Thus, it is a wise social media marketing technique to make Facebook Messenger Chat accessible via website.


Why use social media messenger on website


A customer live chat app on the website appears as a floating icon visible in the bottom right corner of a website. Facebook’s Customer Chat Plugin can be installed on your website to be easily accessed by visiting social media users. Installing this feature on your website can instantly aid your social media marketing campaigns. Social media marketing involves being accessible to prospective customers for a chat – whether it be human or Messenger bot interaction.


Also, another advantage is that this social media chat feature is free. The only requirement is an official Facebook page. In digital marketing, our brand needs to stay in the game. So why not make use of this easily achievable opportunity?


Finally, here are more reasons why this feature can largely help your digital marketing efforts:


Single inbox for social and website chats

Manage your chat messages directly from your Facebook Message Chat app. Whether the chat messages are sent via Facebook page or via website, everything is automatically managed in a single Facebook inbox. It’s easy for both page manager and enquirer to chat over this app. Among the social media channels, Facebook is widely used so it’s convenient.


Better customer service

Enhance your social media presence and customer service by Facebook Messenger on your website. Wherever you are, you will be able to respond any time of the day by responding through your mobile. It’s a good way to connect instantly with your customers. In digital marketing in Singapore, this function is indeed helpful as customer service is one top consideration by most customers.


Provide useful automated replies

Have you heard about chat bots? Facebook definitely has this function that you can make use of. Of course, customisation is available, which is a plus! Provide links and answers to basic FAQs to carry on conversations with potential leads in real time. This works best on Facebook Messenger.


Will you include this plan as part of your digital marketing efforts? For any digital marketing assistance, IH Digital can help you devise a strategic plan for your digital customer service plans. Furthermore, setting up a Chat Messenger on websites will require content strategy and technical knowledge, which IH Digital is proficient in. We are a digital marketing agency with a proven track record as a trusted and reliable social media marketing agency. We cater to the needs of brands in an up-to-date fashion as dictated by the interests of online users.

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The Types of Facebook Apps used in Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital-marketing-Facebook-Apps-TypesMost of the digital marketing strategies today include Facebook Apps. Find out more about the different types of Facebook Apps you can possibly use.

Facebook App is a good digital marketing tool as it brings added value to the experience, both for the brand and the consumer. Facebook Apps are very versatile. You can easily customize it to make it suit your digital marketing needs. It is a great social media marketing tool for marketers to promote their products and grow their fan base, by producing Facebook apps in forms of online registration, product redemption, incentives, contests, and more.

Take a look at some of the Facebook Apps produced by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency. These Facebook Apps were created for clients across Asia and they were catered for different purposes.

Golden Village Singapore: Vote & Win!

Most of the digital marketing strategies today include Facebook Apps. Find out more about the different types of Facebook Apps you can possibly use. This is a voting app created for Golden Village, by IH Digital.

To celebrate their 25th Anniversary this year, Golden Village Singapore launched a Facebook App, with the help of IH Digital, as part of its social media marketing strategy. The Facebook has a voting function, allowing Golden Village to execute its ‘Future of Cinemas’ voting contest easily. Social media fans will just need to go on to the Facebook App and vote for their favourite idea. Participants stand to win attractive prizes, including Golden Village’s merchandise.

Panasonic Singapore: Upload & Win!

Most of the digital marketing strategies today include Facebook Apps. Find out more about the different types of Facebook Apps you can possibly use. This is a Facebook application created for Panasonic Singapore, by IH Digital.

As part of its digital marketing strategy to promote their bread making products – Cubie Oven NU-SC100, Hand Blender MX-GS1 and Bread Maker, Panasonic Singapore is encouraging its social media fans to submit their bread-making recipe by uploading the photos and details onto the Facebook App. Alternatively, fans can just cast their vote for their favourite recipe. All participants stand a chance to win the attractive Panasonic products.

Korea Tourism Organisation: Join the Membership

Most of the digital marketing strategies today include Facebook Apps. Find out more about the different types of Facebook Apps you can possibly use. This is a membership Facebook app created for KTO, by IH Digital.

IH Digital developed a Facebook App to synchronise online and offline membership registration. This Facebook App was used by Korea Tourism Organisation for its digital marketing campaign, in promoting its WAH! Korea Club membership. The Facebook App aims to attract fans who are excited to share their passion for Korea, meet others with the same interests and enjoy the benefits such as exclusive dance, language and cooking classes. Joining memberships online has never been easier!

Facebook Apps as a Digital Marketing Strategy

Are you looking to create Facebook Apps to suit your digital marketing campaign? Let us help you to create your ideal Facebook Apps! Our digital marketing agency had created over 900 interactive applications, just take a look at our portfolio. With our vast experience, we will be able to make your brand stand out. Drop a message now!

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Social Media Marketing: Eat Healthy with Panasonic & be rewarded!

Social Media Marketing - Get rewarded for healthy eating with Panasonic

Panasonic Singapore wants to reward its fans for healthy eating! The tech giant launched an island-wide promotion in line with its social media marketing campaign to promote their Veggie Life products. The contest titled: “Get Rewarded with Healthy Eating was announced via their Facebook App, which was launched to help promote healthy eating and living.

The Veggie Life salads are formulated by nutritionists by mixing freshly packed vegetables that provide nutrients to ensure optimal health benefits. It comes in three mixes: antioxidant mix, nourish mix, and vibrant mix.

By simply purchasing and collecting the labels from any Veggie Life salad mixes, fans will get a chance to redeem prizes from Panasonic Singapore. Veggie Life Cultivation Kits, Salad Dressings, Mobile Boosters, Microwaves, and Air purifiers are up for grabs!

Social Media Marketing: your gateway to brand awareness

From social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to media-sharing platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, it’s no surprise that people across the globe are exposed to social media everyday. But as a business, how can you leverage on social media to help put your brand out there?

Since clutter in social media continues to increase, it’s easier for brands to lose focus from their goal of establishing brand presence and loyalty with their fans. Marketers have continued to bombard their fans with content and hard selling their products instead of creating value and developing relationships.

But with the right social media marketing strategies, you can build a strong and lasting connections with your customers online which could eventually translate offline. Not only that, you build your brand’s credibility which not only grows your business but also increases your value in every customer that you reach.


Get creative with your brand message and start exploring Facebook Apps. IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, specializes on social media marketing that crosses different platforms targeting many regions around the world. Contact us today and find out what digital marketing strategy best suits your business.

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Content Marketing: Honda Malaysia engage using Facebook Live Poll


The introduction of Facebook Live changes the dynamics of content marketing strategy on social media. With the newly added live streaming feature like Snapchat, Facebook Live is becoming a powerful digital marketing tool on social media advertising.

As Facebook starts adopting Facebook Live platform, the evolution of engagement videos on social media as a content marketing strategy transforms dramatically and quickly. Living in a social media-dominated world, we are constantly chasing after the latest information from the mobile. Now that Facebook Live is catching up on latest digital marketing trends, major business pages are stepping on the trend in boosting their respective pages with various engagement videos, particularly Facebook Live.

In conjunction with the new Honda City launch campaign, Honda Malaysia organises “Digital Treasure Hunt Contest” for customers to take a creative selfie with the new vehicle. Before the wall contest begins, Honda Malaysia allows the fans to choose the prizes for the selfie contest winners through Facebook Live reaction poll. The results turned out well, with approximately 1,700 votes reacting to the poll in choosing the prizes.

[metaslider id=5324]

The wall contest of the campaign allows the participants to take a selfie with the new Honda City to fill in the missing part of the puzzle. Participants will need to snap a selfie at the nearest Honda authorised sellers. Finally, participants have to post the selfie on the comment box with a caption of what they think about the new car to create a valid entry.

As a result, the wall contest has garnered more than 1,000 entries. Honda Malaysia successfully executed the campaign with well-planned content marketing efforts in enticing the fans voting for prizes via Facebook Live. In addition to that, the wall contest conveniently helps to drive more sales for Honda and increase the footfall at Honda’s authorised dealer when participants are taking selfies with the new Honda City.

Wanting to execute an outstanding content marketing campaign?

IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, ready to cater your digital needs to make your brand stand out among the others! If you’re interested, inquire with us today.

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Digital Marketing: GSC Movies Million Trivia Rush Contest on a Facebook App


Are you looking for ways to connect social media in achieving business goals? In the world of digital marketing, most brands seek for the best ways engage their fans through social media. In addition to Facebook standard business page functionality, you can include Facebook Apps as an online marketing strategy to allow both existing and potential visitors to get more from your page. If you are keen to catch your fans’ attention to linger on your page, Facebook apps can be essential to grow fan base and engagement through online sales, promotions, incentives, route maps or contests.

Developing Facebook apps on digital marketing, it will be beneficial for marketers to increase fans’ social presence on the business page as well as to reach new potential audiences.

GSC Movies’ Million Trivia Rush Contest

GSC Movies designed a Million Trivia Rush Facebook application, in celebration of hitting 1,000,000 fans on Facebook. With the help of digital marketing agency, the app consists of 25 multiple choice questions for participants to answer within 100 seconds. A time bomb will explode if participants run out of time to answer all questions or guess the movie name wrongly. There are only three chances per day to take part in this movie trivia contest.

[metaslider id=5323]

As a result, GSC Movies successfully garnered 994 users to participate Million Trivia Rush 6873 games in 21 days. A renowned page such as GSC Movies created a contest like Million Trivia Rush certainly attracts a huge traffic online as they partnered with top-notch sponsors for the contest and prizes giveaway. Contests are very useful in digital marketing as they represent a compelling and interesting way to promote their brands. Besides, they can also help to discover new audiences and generate more visits to business pages.

Facebook Apps as a Digital Marketing strategy

Are you looking to create fun and engaging Facebook Apps? At IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore has online marketing services to cater your business needs. If you’re interested, send a message to one of our digital specialists now.


Online Marketing: Let your Dreams Set Sail with Kiss92!


Kiss92 is a popular radio channel in Singapore. With their motto of streaming all the great songs in one place, you won’t be surprised to know that Kiss92 is always collaborating with sponsors and giving away prizes to their loyal listeners. As part of their online marketing efforts, they are conducting giveaway contests on their Facebook page as well. Well, there is an interesting twist compared to the usual social media contests! With the help of IH Digital, a digital marketing agency, Kiss92 launch a Facebook App to conduct this special giveaway!

In collaboration with the first-ever Asian luxury cruise line, Dream Cruises, Kiss92 is organising their latest “Kiss92 is Where Dreams Set Sail” giveaway contest on their Facebook page. As part of its online marketing strategy, Kiss92 is encouraging its social media fans to check out Dream Cruises’ website and discover the three destinations they are offering. Following that, they have to upload their photos onto the Facebook App and share which of the three destinations they would like to visit and why. Here comes the twist! The results will only be announced via their radio channel and participants need to tuned to Kiss92 to see if they won. This digital marketing strategy integrates both online and offline mediums.

[metaslider id=5322]

What are you waiting for? Take part in the contest and stand to win $27,000 worth of luxury cruises and Dream Cruises Cash Vouchers!

Facebook Apps for your Online Marketing Campaign


Facebook Apps come in all shapes and sizes. You can customize it to make it stand out from the crowd. Take for instance, Panasonic Singapore’s Chinese New Year themed Facebook App. The Facebook App is designed as a game with a spinning wheel. With each spin, participants stand a chance to win instant prizes and will be qualified for the grand prize lucky draw at the end of the contest. Start exploring how you can make use of Facebook Apps to execute your creative online marketing campaigns!

Let us help you to create your ideal Facebook Apps! Our digital marketing agency had created over 900 interactive applications. With our vast experience, we will be able to make your brand stand out. Drop a message now!



Digital Marketing: Support Local Produce & Win with Panasonic SG!


Panasonic Singapore plays an integral part in ensuring food supply resilience in Singapore by producing their Veggie Life products locally in Singapore. Panasonic Singapore had started promoting their Veggie Life products with the help of IH Digital back in 2016. Following the success of that digital marketing campaign, Panasonic Singapore has released another Facebook App in promoting Veggie Life and encouraging social media fans to show their support for local produce.

Panasonic Singapore uses the Facebook app to organise their latest “Support & Win!” contest, encouraging its social media audience to submit their selfies and share how much they enjoyed Veggie Life. Attractive prizes were offered to entice people to participate in the contest. This online marketing strategy aims to allow users to understand more about Local produce and Veggie Life at the same time.

[metaslider id=5218]

Facebook Apps as a digital marketing strategy

Facebook Apps have been a great digital marketing tool for marketers to promote their products and engage their fans. By customizing their apps to suit different purposes, their brand’s Facebook page can be the “one-stop” digital marketing solution. Facebook Apps can be customized in forms of online registration, product redemption, incentives, contests, and more. You can engage your customers on your page, collect data, and carry it offline by integrating call-to-actions.

Developing Facebook Apps is definitely a good digital marketing investment as it enhances the user experience for your social media fan. By providing distinct functions and different contest mechanisms, It definitely brings added value to your online marketing strategy.

Previously, Panasonic Singapore released a Chinese New Year themed Facebook App. With each spin, participants stand to win instant prizes and are qualified for the grand prize lucky draw. It was well-received and it can be considered an epitome of how engaging a Facebook App can be.

Digital Marketing_Celebrate Chinese New Year with Facebook Apps

IH Digital, a reputable digital marketing agency in Singapore, has a team of digital marketing and content marketing specialists who create engaging and creative visuals, ranging from images to Facebook applications, to make your brand stand out on Facebook and other social media platforms. Drop a message now.




Online Marketing: A Digital Magazine to Promote Uniqlo’s Latest Collection


Uniqlo Malaysia took an unprecedented move in its latest online marketing campaign by releasing an interactive digital magazine. By uploading this e-magazine as a Facebook App, Uniqlo Malaysia allows it to reach out to the masses on social media. This content marketing strategy was executed by IH Digital, an online marketing agency in Singapore.

The e-magazine enables fans to find out about the background of the designer, Hana Tajima as well as the inspiration behind her latest collection. With the motivation to integrate comfort and versatility, every garment has been designed with care to convey a refined and timeless feel. Photographs and tutorial videos are embed throughout the digital magazine, providing their Facebook fans with ideas on how they can match the different garments to create different styles and looks.

Using E-Magazines in your Online Marketing Strategy

This online marketing strategy is exceptional as Uniqlo Malaysia managed to share a lot about their products while sustaining the audience’s attention on a social media platform. On top of standing out among the crowd, there are several benefits that came along with this content marketing strategy.

  1. Cost-effective and Eco-friendly

    There is no need for paper and ink for an e-magazine. There is no need for mass printing. You just need to create a copy of the e-magazine and upload it onto the Internet. On top of that, you can easily update your e-magazine. Just imagine the cost and resources you are saving by opting to create a digital magazine instead of a printed brochure.

  1. Breathtaking Reading Experience 

    With vivid visuals and a melodic audio embedded, readers are in for a treat. As seen in Uniqlo’s digital magazine, the collection comes to life. With the designer personally explaining how you can pair up different colours, you can feel her passion in creating this collection. This interactive digital magazine can help your brand convey your brand message effectively.

  1. Greater Audience Reach

    Digital magazines can be easily accessed on tablet, smartphones and other digital platforms anywhere. By sharing your digital magazine as a Facebook App, you can easily reach out to thousands and even millions of social media users. You can even count on your fans to share and promote your e-magazine further.

Enhance your online marketing campaign with IH Digital

Are you still wondering how to integrate e-magazines as part of your online marketing campaign? Let IH Digital, a trust digital marketing agency, help you with the production process. Inquire with us today.


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Digital Marketing: Celebrate Chinese New Year with Facebook Apps


Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated holidays, not only by fans, also by brands and marketers around the world. This festive holiday is a great source of social media and online marketing content. But how can your business stay ahead of other brands on this festive holiday? What digital marketing strategy will help capture your target audience?

Facebook Apps helps you improve your Facebook Page by creating a customized app within your business page. It has been a great digital marketing tool for marketers to promote their products and grow their fan base, by producing Facebook apps in forms of online registration, product redemption, incentives, contests, and more.

Learn how these 2 brands celebrated their fans and promote their business by utilizing Facebook Apps:

Panasonic Singapore

To celebrate the upcoming Year of the Rooster, Panasonic Singapore is giving away special prizes using a Facebook App. With the help of a digital marketing agency in Singapore, the app features a spinning wheel where fans are allowed to spin the wheel three times per day. With each spin, participants stand to win instant prizes and are qualified for the grand prize lucky draw at the end of the contest.

[metaslider id=4874]

UNIQLO Malaysia

In line with their Chinese New Year theme: “Celebrating the Season of Reunion and Love,” UNIQLO Malaysia launches their “Golden Basket” Facebook app. Collect points by catching white and golden eggs and earn the top score. But watch out for cracked eggs or you’ll lose your points. Participants stand a chance to win UNIQLO vouchers worth more than RM8,000, while the Top scorer of the week will receive RM50 UNIQLO voucher.

[metaslider id=4875]

Facebook Apps as a digital marketing strategy

Facebook provides a versatile range of products to help brands promote their business. Whether its FacebookLive, Facebook 360, or a simple Facebook video, Facebook proves to be the ultimate online marketing platform for brands and marketers out there.

Facebook App is a good digital marketing investment as it provides specific information and distinct functions, making it more memorable for the audience when they engage in your page. It definitely brings added value to the experience, both for the brand and the consumer.

Other than serving a creative purpose, Facebook apps are ultimately used for data collection, customer relations, and engagement drivers. You can engage your customers on your page, collect data, and carry it offline by integrating call-to-actions to buy your product or visit your store or event.

Are you looking to create user-friendly and effective Facebook Apps? IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, has online marketing services that could cater to your businesses needs; whether it is social media or video production, there’s a service fit for your brand. Message one of our digital specialists now.

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4 Online Marketing Strategies your Business Needs

Online-Marketing-Strategies-IH-DigitalDon't know how to start your journey online? Take inspiration from these online marketing strategies and examples and take your brand to the next level.

Many brands have taken their businesses online. By doing so, it requires comprehensive online marketing strategies that will extrapolate your reach to a larger number of potential clients.

But, what brings the best ROI?

Here are 4 online marketing strategies you need to consider to start growing your business and take it to the next level:

1.  Build your audience through content marketing

Articles, blogs, videos, infographics all have one in common: they engage and build your audience by promoting quality, informative content.

However, it’s not as simple as writing and publishing an article, posting it on social media, and then done. Content marketing requires a strategic insight and framework to help tie all your mediums together into one ecosystem of information.

Some of these mediums are:

  • Microsites/blogs
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Product sampling
  • Apps, and many more

Unlike traditional advertising (that is more of an into-your-face kind of approach), content marketing provides your customers value in exchange for you to be able to market your products or services to them without any disruptions, and is easier to digest.

To give you an idea, here is an example:

Sulwhasoo Singapore

Sulwhasoo is one of the pioneering beauty products in the world and has recently celebrated 50 years in ginseng research. To celebrate this momentous milestone, Sulwhasoo Singapore launched a digital marketing campaign to promote their week-long celebration of Holistic Beauty.

To better share the details to their customers, Sulwhasoo Singapore launched a microsite,, housing all the information about the event and activities happening during the celebration: beauty classes, workshops, product sampling and many more.

[metaslider id=3985]

Also part of their campaign, Sulwhasoo collaborated with influencers to host an exclusive party to share their insights about Holistic Beauty. Through Facebook videos, the influencers rallied fans to answer “what does Holistic Beauty means to them” and submit their answers through a Facebook App where they could get a chance to win passes to the exclusive party.

With the right strategy in mind, Sulwhasoo Singapore was able to tie every component into a cohesive and relevant campaign that translated to a high-turnaround in terms of product redemption, workshop attendance, and submission of entries. Over time, the videos also garnered a combined number of over 10,000 views and over 200 engagements in terms of likes, shares, and comments.

There are now more brands that put content marketing in action. With the right strategy, you could be one step closer to success.

2. Put yourself out there with SEO

Before making any purchase, people do their research. If they can’t find your website anywhere, you already lost a potential customer.

Websites are crucial part of your online marketing journey as it serves as a portal of information your customers need to know about your brand. And to be found, search engine optimization or SEO is an integral step on taking your page to search engine’s top results.

SEO is an online marketing strategy that focuses on growing your website’s visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. By dominating on certain terms or phrases (keywords) and building links, you could increase your site’s visibility in search engines, whether it’s Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Baidu.

For example:

Sansiri Thailand

Sansiri, a well-known property developer in Thailand, wanted to penetrate the Chinese market. Since internet is restricted in China, Sansiri developed a website that is tailored for the Chinese market and their own search engine, Baidu.

Sansiri website Chinese plugins
Sansiri Chinese plugins from left to right: WeChat (China chat application), Weibo (Chinese microblogging platform), YOUKU (China video sharing platform, similar to YouTube)


By integrating SEO-friendly, localized content, it translated to great results. A month after the launch, the website ranked higher on Baidu’s search ranking gaining over 5,168 visits, 87% percent of which are from their target audience, the Chinese consumers.

However, good SEO work does not rely on keyword and link building alone. It needs help from other online marketing strategies like website development, content marketing, social media marketing, to get your content right at the top of search results.

Another example:

GSC Movies

GSC Movies, Malaysia’s leading independent movie distributor, geared up in time for the release of the much-awaited zombie movie of the year, “Train to Busan,” by releasing a fully integrated 360-degree digital marketing campaign.

GSC Movies activated all their online channels, from their website and SEO articles, to social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, and Youtube, to spread awareness and encourage people to talk about and watch the movie.

[metaslider id=4028]

3. Spread your message through social media marketing

A large of the world’s population are present in social media. On Facebook alone, the social media giant reported over 1.13 Billion users access the platform daily. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest are some of the social channels available for you to start your social media marketing campaign.

This particular marketing strategy also helps drive website activity up because of redirected traffic, which definitely contributes to your site’s SEO ranking. Also, social media marketing is the online marketing strategy that requires you to constantly think on your feet.


Because, social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter, has now grown to be a customer engagement platform, where you can address your customer’s concern in real time.

Most importantly, it calls you to experiment and come up with creative ways on how to attract fans and potential customers to your page. Here’s an example:

Land Transportation Authority (LTA)

LTA, Singapore’s backbone on transport infrastructure and systems, seeks to enliven travelers of all ages and to have them look forward towards their day-to-day journey through social media marketing.

By creating a Facebook wall contest based on daily transport scenarios and creatively designing them as animated GIFs, this enticed fans and encouraged them to join the contest.

Another example:

Panasonic Singapore

In line with their efforts to promote their brand story “A Better Life, A Better World”, Panasonic Singapore created a Facebook Application for their new Veggie Life Salad pack. Information about the new products, downloadable recipes, and tips are easily accessible within the app.

[metaslider id=4297]

See? Social media marketing actually gives you the creative freedom on how to reach your customers and dominate that social media platform.

4. Invest in pay-per-click advertising

When you hear “advertising”, one can automatically assume that this equates to big spending. But in reality, pay-per-click advertising or PPC, is a budget-friendly, cost-efficient online marketing strategy you can implement and track.

This is one of the many online marketing strategies marketers prefer as it helps them reach potential customers, using minimal upfront investment, but see instant results. Multiple social media channels, including search engines, offer businesses various online advertising tools to choose from. Here are some examples:

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • YouTube Ads

What’s best with PPC is that, you are free to customize and set-up your online advertising campaign depending on spending, demographic, geographic, interests, and even behavior.

Online Marketing Strategies: A Conclusion

There are plenty of ways to get your messages across, and it will serve you well if you’re informed and educated on the many opportunities these online marketing strategies will bring your business.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. But a healthy mix of online marketing strategies is good groundwork to start your online marketing campaign.

Want to learn more about online marketing strategies?

IH Digital is a digital agency in Singapore, that comprises of digital marketing experts across Asia, with skills ranging from website development and content marketing to video production and online advertisingDrop us a message now for more info.

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Digital Marketing: LANEIGE Malaysia launches a successful sampling app

Digital Marketing - LANEIGE Timeless Beauty - Facebook App

LANEIGE Malaysia launches a Facebook sampling app called “24H Timeless Beauty” as part of their brand’s digital marketing campaign to promote its newly launched anti-aging products for day and night. The Facebook app highlights the new LANEIGE Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask, Face-fit Roller (sold separately), and the BB Cushion Anti-Aging. Together, these products improve skin elasticity, provide better coverage and combat aging, giving you that ultimate Face-Fit effect for a more youthful-looking look.

[metaslider id=4491]

The three products come together hand-in-hand as an effective anti-aging prevention, that can be used as a beauty regime from day to night. LANEIGE highlighted this by using an animated GIF background to give emphasis to the products’ day and night time use.

With the help of a digital marketing agency, LANEIGE Malaysia launches a Facebook sampling app to promote it's newly launched anti-aging products.

Facebook Apps: From online to first-hand experience

IH Digital executed a well-executed content marketing and social media strategy by developing this Facebook App. This way, it provides fans a holistic and unique experience, from registering on the app to actually claiming the product, giving them a first-hand experience of the newly launched products. This method of distributing samples distinguishes LANEIGE Malaysia from the rest.

Creative and unique content a digital marketing strategy

Facebook Apps, Animated GIFs, Facebook Live videos, are great examples of creative ways to better engage with your target audience. If you’re looking to start your own digital marketing campaign, IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, provides services that ranges from video production, website development,to social media marketing and online advertising. Drop us a message and learn more on how we can help you.



Register & win an autographed iKon poster from Nivea SG!


Nivea Singapore is giving away autographed iKON posters through the launch of its new Facebook Application. The social media app is part of the brand’s digital marketing and social media marketing strategy that aims to build brand preference as well as reward fans for their unwavering love and dedication towards the brand.

By purchasing two NIVEA Lip Balm from any Cold Storage, NTUC FairPrice, Giant, Guardian, or Watsons outlet and submitting a photo of the receipt on the Facebook App, participants will get a chance to win an autographed poster of the South Korean boy band, iKON, whose Asian Tour stopped by Singapore last July 2016.

This online advertising campaign by IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore is also accompanied by a Facebook post to promote the launch of the Facebook application. Winners of the giveaway will be selected randomly and announced on Nivea Singapore’s Facebook page as well.

Creating a successful digital marketing strategy

There is no definite formula for a successful digital marketing campaign. It only entails knowing your brand and making use of the right platform that goes well along with it. If you want to know more about social media marketing and how you can possibly tailor strategies that will suit your brand, contact IH Digital today.