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EDB SG Gains Attention with Strategic Media Campaigns

EDB SG Gains Attention with Strategic Media Campaigns

Government agencies in Singapore have been observed utilising media buy through popular digital and traditional platforms to convey their message to a larger audience. This has proved to be an effective means and one case in point is that of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

The Singapore EDB is a government agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The agency was created to develop the country’s position as a global centre in terms of business, innovation, and talent. With this duty at hand, reaching as many people to help their cause is crucial. One of EDB’s recent campaigns is to encourage Singaporean students in an out of the country to pursue an engineering profession in the city-state. 

Digital Media Buy: Reaching the Target Market Online Through Social Media

EDB has launched series of videos to promote their campaigns on the 3 big social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. In order to amplify this promotion, they looked into paid advertising considering that their target audience are young people who are substantially active on social media.  EDB remarkably benefitted from social media advertising as it helped them effectively penetrate their target audience.

Some of the video advertisements by EDB propagated through Facebook media buy

Traditional Media Buy: Reaching the Target Market Through OOH Advertising 

Traditional outdoor or out-of-home (OOH) advertising has greatly helped multiple brands as it gets the attention of passers-by. When placed in an ideal location, it becomes more effective. 

For instance, the government agency utilised areas frequented by the students such as public transport stations. They managed to place ads in the SMRT as well as bus stops, which rendered their promotion more visibility among their intended audience on a daily basis. Additionally, the strategic ad placement not only targets students, it caught the attention of the parents, too.

EDB’s strategic OOH ads placed in a bus stop in Singapore
EDB also placed OOH ads along the SMRT Circle Line (CCL)

Reinforcing Ideas Through Traditional and Digital Advertising

By employing media buy in different platforms, EDB successfully exhibited their message in both online and offline spheres. What’s more, they used a digital campaign to support their OOH campaigns. To constantly reinforce their message, EDB simultaneously initiated digital advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Gmail, and Spotify. 

Read more about digital marketing campaigns of various Singapore government agencies here >> IH Digital: Singapore Government Media Marketing Campaigns

Harnessing the Power of Digital and Traditional Media Buy

Paid advertising is a powerful way to reach the desired audience. With widely used search engines, social media websites, and strategic OOH placements, government agencies like the Singapore EDB now has the capacity to control where and how their message can be seen by their intended audience. 

However, media buying should be managed carefully in order to produce measurable results. Overcoming the difficulties of each media buy requires an experienced partner. If you’d like to know more how you can take your campaign to the next level through media buy, get in touch with IH Digital today! With multiple offices around Asia and countless media buy experience for each country, you can seamlessly achieve your goal without breaking a sweat.

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IH Digital: Singapore Government Media Marketing Campaigns

Online and offline marketing for government agencies | IH Digital Singapore

Like private sector businesses, government agencies also require integrated marketing solutions to help them distribute their campaigns and reach their target audience. IH Digital is a company awarded with the Singapore Whole-of-Government (WOG) period contract for media-buys to help Singapore government agencies achieve their marketing goals.

IH Digital: Government Marketing Showcase

Growing Facebook Fanbase

IH Digital ran advertisements on Facebook for ReachSingapore to help them grow their fan base and has achieved over 20K new fans since 2017.

Know more about the Whole-of-Government advertising from content creation and social media marketing to media buying and outdoor marketing. | IH Digital Singapore
Photo courtesy: @REACHSingapore


Moving back to 2014, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) also partnered up with IH Digital for their @WeKeepYourWorldMoving campaign, and gained 100K new Likes on Facebook, contributing to over 35 percent of LTA’s total fan base.

Know more about the Whole-of-Government advertising from content creation and social media marketing to media buying and outdoor marketing. | IH Digital Singapore
Photo courtesy: LTA @WeKeepYourWorldMoving


Video Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing is also helpful in creating campaign awareness. It is a preferred marketing medium by many brands due to its high entertainment and engagement levels. Take for example, MCI’s “jobs & economy” video campaign comprised of humorous English and Mandarin language videos running across popular video platforms like YouTube, VIU, Yahoo, and on Facebook’s engaging video ad format.

Video source: govsingapore YouTube 

Another government campaign ran by IH Digital in 2018 was MCI’s Gov.SG video ads on Facebook and YouTube. It aimed to inform SME about available subsidies, as well as featuring testimonials from local entrepreneurs. The campaign achieved over 1.2 million views at a low average cost per view. Over 25K clicks were also generated from interested users keen to learn more about the programmes via Enterprise Singapore’s website.

Know more about the Whole-of-Government advertising from content creation and social media marketing to media buying and outdoor marketing. | IH Digital Singapore
Photo Courtesy:


Google Search and Display Ads

In a bid to increase awareness of LTA’s Knackstop website, IH Digital ran Google Search and Display Ads from 2016 to 2018. From 2018, google banner ads were run to direct audiences to the new Knackstop FB page. These efforts, along with monthly Knackstop FB ads helped grow the page fans to over 12K in less than 8 months.

Know more about the Whole-of-Government advertising from content creation and social media marketing to media buying and outdoor marketing. | IH Digital Singapore
Photo Courtesy @Knackstop


Content Creation & Digital Media Boosting

Content creation and media amplification are two of IH Digital’s specialties. MSF commissioned IH Digital to produce content for their Facebook page. IH Digital helped amplify MSF’s key messages through a variety of media boosts covering topics such as reporting elderly abuse & family violence and showcasing efforts from noteworthy individuals who made contributions to promote social values in Singapore.

Know more about the Whole-of-Government advertising from content creation and social media marketing to media buying and outdoor marketing. | IH Digital Singapore
Photo Courtesy @MSFSingapore


Land Transport Authority Print Ads

IH Digital bought print media for Land Transport Authority (LTA) for their ads on the opening of the new Lornie Highway on April 19.

Know more about the Whole-of-Government advertising from content creation and social media marketing to media buying and outdoor marketing. | IH Digital Singapore


Outdoor Advertising (OOH)

Out-of-Home advertising can complement online marketing and targets on-the-go audiences outside the online world but can be integrated with online ads for a seamless experience as well. Here are some of the OOH ad campaigns carried out by IH Digital for government agency clients.

Know more about the Whole-of-Government advertising from content creation and social media marketing to media buying and outdoor marketing. | IH Digital Singapore


Know more about the Whole-of-Government advertising from content creation and social media marketing to media buying and outdoor marketing. | IH Digital Singapore


Let IH Digital Help You for Both Online and Offline Marketing!

Want to have excellent marketing solutions? IH Digital Singapore is a one-stop-shop media buying agency providing 360 marketing services including content marketing, OOH, media buying, video marketing, consultancy & research, and more. For a fast and transparent transaction, contact us today at


Out-of-Home Advertising: Greenfields SMRT In-Train Sticker Ads

Greenfields’ out-of-home advertising and social media marketing | IH Digital

Many brands focus solely on e-marketing or social media marketing, but they can achieve a wider reach by integrating it with out-of-home advertising. Integrating both online and offline marketing is a good way to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Out-of-Home Advertising: Greenfields In-Train Sticker Ads

Out-of-home advertising is a useful way to deliver your campaign when audiences are on-the-go, or just want to take a break from social media. OOH advertising can be seen in different areas such as bus stations, billboards, taxis, or in Greenfields’ case – inside a train in Singapore. Their OOH media space includes one Main Line train with 72 windows and one Circle Line train with 30 windows.

Greenfields’ out-of-home advertising and social media marketing | IH Digital


Integrating OOH with Online Marketing

Greenfields used QR codes to lead in-train audiences to the FB app. With this, IH Digital has proposed to run a Facebook contest, as this will help to increase engagement. The FB contest’s GIF creative is curated such that it is related to the in-train sticker ads, hence enticing audiences to respond to the call-to-action.

Greenfields’ out-of-home advertising and social media marketing | IH Digital
Photo Courtesy: Greenfields



Start your Out-of-Home Campaign with IH Digital!

Integration of out-of-home advertising and online marketing is important to create efficient marketing practices. IH Digital is a digital marketing agency specialized in integrating digital marketing solutions with OOH advertising. Want to create, distribute, and amplify your brand’s marketing campaign to the right market placement? Contact us today!


UOL The Tre Ver Online Marketing with Grab Ads

UOL Tre Ver online marketing on Grab Ads | IH Digital Singapore

More brands are switching to social media and online marketing because a lot of their audience can be found online. There are so many opportunities on social media that sometimes brands don’t know how to break out and explore new online marketing trends. And so, they stick to the usual marketing placements.

We know your target market loves being on social media but it’s also a good idea to reach out to them when they are engaged in other activities such as when they are trying to book a ride. How? Grab Ads has a lot to offer when it comes to online advertising. Don’t believe it yet? Check out this native image advertisement by UOL’s The Tre Ver on Grab mobile app.


UOL Development Group and IH Digital Singapore worked together on creating a native image ad for one of UOL’s condominium development, The Tre Ver,  and published it on Grab app. Users can see this ad while booking a car ride. Each time a Tre Ver ad pops up, users can be directed to Tre Ver’s official website.


Grab Ads Online Marketing

Grab has been the leading app for booking rides and deliveries in Southeast Asia. According to DMR Business Statistics, the average number of daily rides on Grab hits 46 million and there are 36 million Grab users! For brands, this is an opportunity to target more audience outside the social media world. Mobile app users like this one can be your next loyal customers.


Like UOL, your brand can also make use of Grab Ads to drive traffic to your website or simply create awareness. Here are some ways on how you can do in-app ads on Grab.

Native Image & Video Ads

These are standalone images or videos that appear on the user’s home screen when using the app. These ads can direct users to a Grab service or a landing web page.

Rewarded Ads

This is in a form of video ads where users have to finish viewing the ad and will auto-receive a certain amount of points on their Rewards Wallet which they can use later on when booking service with Grab.

Sponsored Places

This ad features your storefront and other important details about your product and brand. This is perfect when you want users to book a ride to your store or event.

Transit Ads

This ad provides the user with promos and deals whenever they pick your store as a destination. Using Grab Ads will be helpful especially when you have a lot of Grab app users going to your store.

Grab Gifts

If you want your target audience to book a ride to your storefront, Grab Gifts is another way to entice them. You may also give incentives to your frequent store visitors with ride discounts.

Vehicle Icon Takeover

Another fun way to advertise with Grab is to design the booking screen with your brand’s logo or theme as the vehicle icon.  This can make your audience curious and helps you drive awareness.


Create and Execute an Incredible Online Marketing Strategy Today!

Need an online marketing agency? IH Digital is ready and equipped with online marketing tools to help create, distribute and amplify content for your brand.


IH Digital is a digital marketing and social media marketing agency in Singapore providing the right marketing solutions for your brand with their 360 degree-approach and marketing services including social media marketing, search marketing, digital media planning, digital creatives and video marketing, China digital marketing, and more! Are you ready for a meaningful and consistent content for your brand? Contact us today!

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Myths About E-Commerce

Learn the truth about these multiple myths and misconceptions about e-commerce.Learn the truth about these multiple myths and misconceptions about e-commerce.

There are many myths about e-commerce that have surfaced with the ever-increasing popularity of transactions over the internet. With that, let us break down the 5 common myths and discover what goes behind these unproven beliefs.

Myth #1: It will all go well after you’ve established your e-commerce website

Some business owners think that running an e-commerce website is just a piece of cake. In fact, some of them think that after setting up an e-commerce site, their online traffic is assured, not knowing that there are key factors for success (e.g. data protection, sales strategies, and online marketing strategies) that must be looked into.

There are plenty of e-commerce platforms that will help you build your store like Lazada and Qoo10 to take the complex stuff off your shoulder. But, if you’re really keen on hosting your own website, we suggest that you invest well and let the experts build your website, and help you with digital marketing to improve sales.

Myth #2: A great product alone is sufficient to bring you a lot of customers.

There is no doubt that having a good product is one of the key success factors for your business, but without effective marketing efforts, it will be hard for your business to take off to success. One thing that every e-commerce seller must keep in mind is, he must offer good customer service and have an effective marketing strategy (such as SEO and a strong social media presence) alongside their great products.

Myth #3: Lower price attracts more customers

Certainly, the price of a product is a big factor to catch the buyers’ attention. For this reason, most sellers think that if they lower the price of their product, they will gain more buyers. However, this is not necessarily the case. Lower pricing can leave unwanted impressions on potential customers regarding the credibility of the products and of the seller. For instance, if an item has a price tag substantially lower than that of a similar product sold by another vendor, customers might believe that the cheaper product was of inferior quality.

Myth #4: It is not worth investing into a mobile-friendly website/platform.

If some business owners still think that there is no need for mobile-friendly websites, they are mistaken. E-commerce web traffic today is actually higher on mobile devices than on desktops (Source: The Telegraph).  If an e-commerce website is not mobile-friendly, it will be missing out on the bulk of e-commerce traffic!

Myth #5: Tracking revenue as the sole measure of performance is sufficient

It is true that every e-commerce business must understand their revenue and know that it plays a big part as a key performance indicator (KPI). Nevertheless, to understand how they can improve their marketing strategies, they must also keep track of, and study other performance metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and website bounce rates – these metrics help signal which are the areas that need to be improved.

If you are interested in the opportunities e-commerce has to offer, message IH Digital now. IH Digital is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore and has a presence across multiple countries in the region and in Greater China. We can help you reach your e-commerce and online marketing initiatives. Message us here.

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Why B2B Organisations Need to Embrace E-commerce

b2bWant to super-charge your B2B business? E-commerce got your back.

Worldwide sales in e-commerce have been taking off. In 2014, sales went up to US$1.3 trillion and currently, it is anticipated to reach US$4.5 trillion in 2021 (Source: shopify). If you are thinking that B2B is too complex for E-commerce, then you would be mistaken. E-commerce has been game-changing for many B2C organisations, and B2B organisations are also increasingly finding that e-commerce opens up new sales and marketing opportunities. Here are some reasons why you should take on e-commerce for your B2B organisation:

Embrace E-Commerce or Risk Falling Behind Your Competitors

In this world where millennials account for 50% or more of corporate buyers (Source: Google), businesses that sell B2B should not miss out on moving buying solutions onto digital platforms. There’s a big chance that your clients are the same retail consumers in e-commerce in their private lives, and they are wondering why your B2B transactions are not yet shifted online.

Moreover, having or joining an e-commerce online market platforms like Lazada and Qoo10 can create advantages like higher productivity and lower costs for both you and your buyers. Your competitors are switching to e-commerce and they will not wait for you to take on the same path. Avoid falling behind of the game by shifting your B2B transactions online!

Have an Insight to Buyers’ Purchasing Behaviour

By moving to e-commerce you’ll have the benefit of a data stream of your customers’ buying behaviours. This means that your B2B organisation will be better at anticipating the needs and purchasing patterns of your customers, to be able to customise solutions for them.

Online Presence Will Reach New Customers

When your B2B organisation gets involved in e-commerce, you are bringing your business a step closer to your current and new potential buyers with your online presence. And by incorporating all e-commerce, digital marketing, and social media efforts together, search engines will likely improve your search results rank, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

If you are interested in the opportunities e-commerce has to offer, message IH Digital now. IH Digital is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore and has a presence across multiple countries in the region and in Greater China. We can help you reach your e-commerce and online marketing initiatives. Message us here.

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Website Brief: A Must for Every Digital Marketing Agency

Know the factors that should be in a Website Brief | Digital Marketing Agency | IH Digital

Planning is important in any project. Creating your website without proper planning could lead to a waste of time, efforts and money; this is why having a Website Brief is necessary. This document contains the vital parts that you will incorporate to your website. In any digital marketing agency, a Website Brief is given to the client before any project is started. It serves as a guide for the creative and technical aspects of your website. At the same time, it will set clear parameters as to how you want your website to be built.

Overall, having a Website Brief eliminates the risks of having an unfinished website. Prepare the required information to properly fill out a Website Brief. What you put on it will reflect the total look and content of your website. Digital marketing is evolving, your website should too.

Know the factors that should be in a Website Brief | Digital Marketing Agency | IH Digital

Here are the factors you should expect from your digital marketing agency’s Website Brief:


 About the Business

This basically should answer the who, what, when, where, why and how about your business. Clearly lay out all the information about who your company is, what you do, what your vision and mission are, where you are located, why you exist, and when and how you started. This information will introduce us to your business. You can also include your company’s size, the unique selling points of your products and services, and your overall brand value.

Website Objectives

What is the purpose of your new website? Do you want to increase sales? Generate leads? Improve your online presence? Grow brand awareness? Or all of these? Tell us what your website is for and what your needs are so we can develop online marketing strategies suitable for your goals. Achieving the best results from your website can only be attained with clear objectives.

Target Market

Specifically define your target market. To make your ideal clients visit and interact on your website, they must feel that it’s specially designed to cater to their want and needs. Choose particular demographics to target – age, location, gender, and economic status. Don’t leave out the psychographics as well – personality, lifestyle, values, attitudes, and interests.

Competitors’ URL or Reference URL

Provide a list of your competitors’ website links so we can weigh the features and content that work and don’t. This will indicate how you would want or wouldn’t want your website to work. Checking other websites can also give you a preference for your website’s design, layout, colour scheme, images and other features that you didn’t know existed.

Navigation Structure

What will be the pages of your website? Will these pages contain sub-pages? You wouldn’t want to confuse your target users in an unorganized website. Outline this information so we have a clear structure on how your website will work. These pages should be arranged accordingly and aligned with your goals.

Website Features

Special features are unique to every business website. There are some features that won’t work for your website objectives and target market so properly assessing the features you need is fundamental. Newsletter subscription, blog page, visual events calendar, corporate video, interactive map and contact form are only a few of the vast choices of web features.


Detail the look and feel of your website. The layout, colour scheme, font choices, images, illustrations, graphics and overall styling will determine the look of your website. On the other hand, the movement and sound effects of how the assets on your website work will give your users the feel of your website. We at IH Digital will incorporate the right design and effects to your preferred website – may it be professional-looking, fun, cutting-edge or techy.

Other Requirements

Aside from the creative aspects and the special features, there are more factors that affect a well-functioning website. You might want to consider Content Marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, Social Media Integration, Security and Site Maintenance. All these are offered at IH Digital, as well as 12-Month Hosting, Domain Purchase and CMS Training. And should you have any additional requirements in my mind, we would gladly accommodate you.

IH Digital is a digital marketing agency in Singapore that assures you a Website Brief before any website design service. If you have questions regarding the overall process of creating a website, we are here to assist you. Contact our team of expert web developers today so you can get started on the right website for your business.

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The Pros & Cons of a One-Page Website for Online Marketing

Slide1Is a one-page website the right option for your business? | Online Marketing | IH Digital

We’ve shared with you the to-do list on how to create a functional website for your business. Now let’s discuss another website predicament that most digital marketers have for their online marketing efforts – most of them ask, “Is a one-page website already good enough for my business?” This digital marketing trend might be popular through the years but let’s weigh in the pros and cons if it’s the right option for your business.

The Benefits

  • One-page websites present content in a simple and easy to navigate manner. Users can just scroll down to find what they are looking for compared to clicking numerous links.
  • As scrolling is already natural to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users, one-page websites provide also a better mobile experience.
  • They are also easier to set up and maintain. Since all your content is on one page, you can easily put up your website and keep it up-to-date. Costs are usually much cheaper as well.

Is a one-page website the right option for your business? | Online Marketing | IH Digital

At IH Digital, we are a digital marketing agency that can set up a one-page website for your business within a day. If you need a simple website that can display the basic information about your business, we have the team to help you. Check out our one-page website showcase for Siam Paragon Mall and Ming Garden Hotel & Residences.

The Challenges

  • Opting for a one-page website requires careful planning. Incorporating all the content and design in one page is a tough job as you might miss out on some important matters or you might overdo it – bombarding users with too much information on one page.
  • SEO will also be challenging. Increasing traffic will be hard since there is less content.
  • The loading speed could also get hurt. Putting all information, images, graphics and videos on one page can make your site load slower which is a key factor for SEO. The overall performance of your website could suffer.
  • To increase website traffic, you need users to share the content on your website. This can be difficult for them if as they only have one link to share. Separate pages with unique links that have specific content are easier to share.
  • With a single URL, it can be difficult to analyze if your website performs well. In multiple-page websites, it’s easier to track page views and traffic so it’s also quicker to know what to improve. On one-page websites, it’s hard to refine your digital marketing strategy when you don’t know what aspect your website is failing.
  • There is more design flexibility for multi-page websites and a variety of themes available.

If you prefer a multi-page website so you can show the wide variety of products and services that your business offers, we also have online marketing experts to assist you. Enjoy the perks of having a backend admin management for your convenience. Araya Hong Kong and Travel141 Singapore are a few of the multi-page websites that we have designed, developed and are currently managing.

So what’s the right option for you?

There’s a constant debate on which among a one-page or a multi-page website is better. But the right option really depends on what your business offers and what goals you aim for. If you have a small enterprise that does not offer numerous products or services, you can take advantage of the simplicity that a one-page website can offer. However, if you have a huge business that needs much traffic to your website or internet advertising is your goal, we recommend you to have a multi-page website where you can have specific pages for the things that you sell. Simplicity can still be incorporated on multi-page websites, you just have to produce your content well. Don’t try to bombard your consumers with too much information and plan your content accordingly.

Your website is an investment. Consult with our experienced internet marketing team to be confident in deciding the right option for you. Explore our website design services.

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Online Marketing: Your Website Development To-Do List

Maximize what a website can do for your business. | Online Marketing | IH Digital

Your website represents your business online. Other than a tool to showcase your products and services, it is an online marketing platform that displays your brand’s value and credibility. Yet, simply having a website is not enough, it must effectively function – designed to cover all your customers’ needs.

Basic Necessities of a Website

If you don’t have a website for your business yet, here are the things you need first:

Domain Name

The domain name is your business’ online address and it’s uniquely made for your company. For instance, IH Digital’s domain name is

Web Hosting

Now that your business has an online address, where does it actually live? Web hosting is the location or the server of your website where your customers come to visit. It is a server that connects your website to people who search for your business online.

Business Email Address

Having an official business email address is especially important for businesses who are still starting. Having builds more credibility than just using It also helps in maintaining the security of your presence online, keeping away spam messages and hackers.

Website Content

Surely, content is king. But what kind of content do you put on your website? Having pages about your company, your products and services, and your contact details are not enough. You must determine your target market, know their wants and needs, and integrate content to media that gets them interested – blog posts, images, videos, or GIFs.

Maximize what a website can do for your business. | Online Marketing | IH Digital

Maximize Web Design & Development

Build a website that your business needs, not a website that you personally want.

Since you’ve already set up a basic website from the notes we’ve given above, be your customer and ask yourself, is it enough? Website design and development is more than just how your website looks, of course, it is part of it, but there are other factors to consider as well. The standards on a well-developed website for 2018 are as follows:

Load Speed

In online marketing, everyone is a consumer and what do we hate the most? Time wasted. Having a page view is already a milestone but for one to stay and browse through the pages of your website, it must load quickly. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a blank screen on your mobile or laptop to load. Avoid losing customers that hit the close button once your website loads slowly.


Websites that are not mobile-optimized, meaning browsing on your phone and seeing the same layout as that of a computer’s, are hard to navigate. Our phones are designed with smaller screens and your website’s design should adapt to it. This way, users will be able to browse through your website smoothly.

Compatible with Multiple Browsers

You can’t control what browser people use when viewing your website. Make sure they can view your site properly and it functions well in various browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. We suggest that you do a multiple browser check.


Content Management System or CMS is a software where you can input and modify the design, content, images, videos, links and even the codes on your website. Before any of your content goes live, you can preview those using CMS. You can make the necessary changes before people see it. Choose a CMS software that’s easy to navigate. WordPress and Joomla are examples of a reliable CMS used by website design companies.

SEO Friendly

With good website SEO, you’ll put your website on top of search results on different search engines. Write useful and informative content for your customers and use the right SEO tools so your website can be seen easily. Know more by reading the basics in integrating SEO marketing to your website.

Social Media Integration

Include social media icons that your website viewers can click on your website. Since social media presence gives you a wider reach, incorporate your website content marketing by also sharing them on your Facebook or Instagram pages.

Google Analytics

Track and analyze the activities done by users on your website. With Google Analytics, you will acquire a detailed report on how many people actually go to your website, what they do, what page they spend most of their time on, the least visited pages, and more. By knowing all these, you will know how to improve not just your website but your products and services as well.

Email Marketing

Building an email network is another effective way to drive traffic to your website. By sending out valuable content to this network that you have, you can display information about your products and services, discounts perhaps? According to 2018 Radicati Group Study, there will be almost 4 billion email users before 2019, meaning, there are a lot of opportunities for you to convert email marketing to actual sales.

Website Security

Eliminate your website’s security risks. After putting all these efforts to create a well-functioning website for your business, you don’t want to lose everything you’ve built, do you? Viruses and hackers are everywhere but there are numerous ways to protect your website. You can use a tight firewall, antivirus protection, SSL security, and IPS/IDS. You can talk to our experts to know what security you need for your website.

If you want to go through the nitty gritty of creating an effective online marketing website for your business, IH Digital offers website design services. We’ll make sure we cross out everything from this website design and development to-do list.

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SEO: Ultimate Key to Effective Digital Marketing

Know how you can effectively use SEO in your business’ online efforts. | Digital Marketing | IH Digital

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be overwhelming because of the complexity that comes with it. To treat this digital marketing dilemma, we have to be knowledgeable and find important information about SEO so we can earn its great benefits.

SEO, in simple words, means enhancing your website’s searchability in various search engines such as Google. With the right SEO tools, your website can rank higher on search engines. The higher the ranking, the more people you attract to your website. In the long run, SEO will drive traffic and grow your brand’s visibility online. It is a strategy vastly used by most businesses for its long-term effects at lower costs.

Know how you can effectively use SEO in your business’ online efforts. | Digital Marketing | IH Digital

To start, we want to provide you with these frequently used SEO words so the next time you come across them, you already know their definitions.

Common SEO Terms:

  • Alt Tags – text description of an image
  • Blog – a page on your website where you can regularly publish content
  • Bounce Rate – website visitors who immediately leave after only viewing one page
  • Click Through Rate – the ratio of how many users click an ad or shared post
  • Keywords – words used in searching on search engines
  • Meta Description – a brief description under each page’s title in search engines
  • Page Rank or SEO Ranking – indicates how good your overall SEO through number 0-10 as assigned by Google
  • Search Engine – a system that files individual pages in websites (e.g. Google, Bing)
  • Website Traffic – activities done by users on your website (e.g. page views, page clicks, amount of time spent)
  • Uniform Resource Locator or URL – the address of a web page (e.g.


The Basics

There are various ways on how you can improve your digital marketing through SEO. Here are some simple methods that can help you jumpstart your way to improve your website’s SEO ranking:

  • Keyword Marketing

When you do a Google search, you use keywords to find the information you are looking for. These keywords are a factor in driving website traffic; they are the foundation of all SEO efforts. For you to know the right keywords to use, you have to search for relevant and trending keywords with high traffic using SEO tools such as Moz and Google Ads. However, these tools are only there to assist you in going through numerous keywords.

To know the keywords suitable for your business, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your customers – What do they need? What words will they use in searching for these needs? Will they find what they need on your website?

In choosing the right keywords, beware of keyword stuffing – an old SEO practice that uses a lot of keywords to manipulate search engine results. Since search engines have already evolved, it can detect an abnormal distribution of keywords on a page which leads your website to rank lower.

  • Blog Content Marketing

Once you get the right keywords that your customers use when searching for the services or products your offer, start producing useful and shareable content. People use search engines to find information that they need. It is highly important that what you put on your website is something that people search for.

Creating blog posts is an effective content marketing strategy. This way, you showcase your brand using the high-performing keywords that you have gathered. By incorporating keywords in your blog articles, you will increase your visibility in search engines. You attract and connect with a large number of customers which in return will increase website traffic.

  • Website Optimization

SEO is more than just content and keyword planning, there are other factors to consider when improving an SEO website to generate leads.

To keep your current website up-to-date, you have to know what needs to be improved through an SEO audit. This process provides recommendations for a website to attain optimal SEO performance by checking titles, content, meta descriptions, alt texts, images, links and more.

Additionally, using Google Analytics is an effective way to track how many visits your website gets, its sources, and your content’s performance and rankings. By using this SEO tool, you get a monthly report with accurate statistics about your website’s overall performance. Through this report, you can gauge what you need to retain or fix on your website.

Social Media Linking is also an effective web optimizer. By sharing your website’s content on your Facebook or Instagram profile, click through rates increase. This technique is effective since social media creates visible branding and engagement among your followers.


In a Nutshell

SEO helps your business by:

  • Improving your website’s SEO ranking in search engines
  • Growing your online visibility
  • Increasing potential customer source
  • Establishing your brand value and credibility
  • Converting website traffic to actual sales


At IH Digital, we can help improve your website’s SEO marketing by using the right SEO tools. We have a team of SEO consultants that can help you with keyword planning, SEO articles and website optimization. Reach us for effective digital marketing strategies.

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The Difference Between SEM and SEO that Every Business Must Know

If you want to be savvy in online marketing, know the difference between digital marketing strategies SEM and SEO | IH Digital

Although some marketers might use the terms Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) interchangeably, they do not mean the same thing. But what exactly is the core difference between SEM and SEO?

What is the difference between SEM and SEO?

SEM and SEO work hand in hand but there are key differences between the two digital marketing strategies. SEO refers to the process. If you need the process of getting more visibility in search engines through both organic search results and paid advertisements, but primarily through paid traffic, this refers to SEM.

SEM and How it Works

Earning online visibility through paid advertisements via search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing is SEM’s focus.

Through SEM, advertising space is bought to ensure a higher ranking in search results instead of using free traffic to rank in search engines. These paid advertisements are termed as pay-per-click (PPC), which is an SEM-activity used by most popular advertising platforms like Google AdWords. Therefore, utilizing SEM will greatly influence your online marketing efforts.

SEO and How it Works

SEO is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. SEO has both “on page” and “off page” activities – sometimes called as “on site” and “off-site” activities – as its two main pillars. On page activities primarily refers to the process of strategically making your website search engine friendly. Off-page activities refer to the process of ranking high in search results by getting votes from other websites through link building and mostly by your strategy in content marketing.

Free traffic determines SEO ranking. SEO revolves around strategic keyword placements, meta descriptions and link building. Ranking basically depends, and is determined, by how well your website works and if it can catch visitor’s attention through relevant content. When you have SEO websites, it will also help better your chances of scoring higher rankings in search engine results.

Which is better? SEO or SEM?

There is no correct answer! It all depends on your immediate needs and budget. If you are managing a new website, investing in SEO marketing from the beginning is important. For immediate and guaranteed online visibility, SEM is the choice while SEO may take longer to achieve visible results but it will also be more cost-effective in the long term.

IH Digital is a digital marketing agency in Singapore where you can explore your opportunities with SEM and SEO. Learn from our experienced digital marketing specialists now! Message us here.

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Drive Business Success with Social Media Chatbots

Explore how chatbots can help you achieve business success. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

The demands for excellent customer service have been increasing. Businesses now thrive harder to avoid public complaints, bad reviews and the worst case, people from banning their services and products. People around the world can now access any information they need about anything, whether locally or globally through social media. They get to know your brand instantly with just a few clicks, so it is essential that you up your brand’s capabilities in digital marketing to serve your customers even better.

Every business wants a cost-effective way of reaching out to their customers and on the other hand, customers want a quick and convenient way to connect with the brands and services they need. What better way to accommodate these needs than utilizing easy-to-use social media chatbots?

Chatbots serve as your business’ personal digital assistant, an effective social media strategy. When used right, it can attend to your customers’ queries about your business and on the products or services you offer – location, contact details, business hours, pricing, orders, availability, reservations and bookings; you can even set it to answer questions about your upcoming events. It can send messages, audios, images and links on a real-time basis. For customers who are on-the-go, you can configure chatbots to work via voice commands. It’s a 24/7 digital agent that can untiringly serve your business through social media.

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

The Benefits:

  • Businesses can identify their customer’s needs. Chatbots give insights about the users’ interests through analytics and data collection. In return, businesses can adjust their products and services based on what the customers want.
  • Most businesses opt for chatbots for its affordability. With the right tools, you can save money from maintenance and updates.
  • Time wasted is money wasted and by using chatbots, you can save time from answering the same queries and longer turnover of responses. Your customers can be more satisfied due to fast answers.
  • With chatbots being available daily, your business will gain more customer engagement.
  • Because of its convenience online, new customers can reach your business more as it is now easier and faster than an email or call.


Businesses Using Chatbots:

For years, chatbots are already utilized by small, medium and large companies in their social media. Here are some companies who use chatbots as their personal virtual assistant:

  • Mastercard

Through their Facebook Messenger chatbot, users can now easily check their account’s transactions. This online marketing lets users order food instantly through Mastercard’s partner restaurants.

  • Sephora

Sephora’s chatbot can provide users with different makeup tutorials, product reviews and ratings. Users can receive beauty tips which really capture their interests. It is clever internet advertising.

  • Fandango

Targeting moviegoers, Fandango can let users watch movie trailers, find local theatres, check movies schedules and suggest movie houses that are close to you. A payment page will appear should you wish to purchase movie tickets.

  • Jin Air Taiwan

As part of their online marketing, Jin Air Taiwan’s Facebook chatbot has gathered their customers’ most frequently asked questions. Through clickable buttons, users can select airline or flight issues and they automatically receive responses.

Chatbot Templates

In a survey conducted by Business Insider, 80% of businesses want chatbots by the year 2021. Why wait that long if you can have one now? Chatbots have its own limits, designing it the best way possible is crucial. We at IH Digital can design a chatbot that will perfectly suit your business needs. Facebook Messenger Chatbot features that you can utilize are:

  • Text Messages – Compose standard messages

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

  • Generic Template – A combination of image, text and buttons

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

  • Button Template – A structured message with text and up to 3 clickable buttons

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

  • List Template – Provides 2-4 structured items, each with an image, title, subtitle, button or URL

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

  • Open Graph Template – Share music with a structured open graph URL and an optional button

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

  • Receipt Template – Confirm orders with an order summary, payment details, and shipping information

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

  • Airline Template – Show users their boarding passes, flight updates, itineraries, and check-in reminders, designed in with an actual look

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

  • Media Template – Send out images, GIFs, and video that can be played in the conversation

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

  • Quick Replies – Set up to 11 in-conversation buttons and send with the default image and name of the sender

Chatbots improve your business’ customer service. | Social Media Marketing | IH Digital

Set the bar in providing competitive services to your customers; if you’re looking for a digital marketing agency, contact us to learn more.