Career Progression in IH Digital

Embarking on a Digital Marketing Career with
IH Digital

At IH Digital, all fresh graduates must go through our in-house certification program. IH Certification Program is a rigorous training and certification program to ensure that our teams are fully qualified in their areas of specialty; to develop the expertise necessary to strategize, activate and execute digital marketing solutions.

IH Digital aims to nurture high-calibre, fresh graduates into outstanding digital marketing specialists. As a new hire, you will embark on a career track filled with prospects for personal growth and development. At suitable junctures of your digital marketing career, you may also look forward to rotations within IH Digital for wider exposure and development. By offering you new challenges and opportunities, our digital marketing agency allows you to cover and ace every aspect of digital marketing.
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Account Executive

At IH Digital, you will start off as an Account Executive. During your stint as an Account Executive, you will be picking up a set of specialised digital marketing skills, based on your position.


As a Social Media Account Executive, you will be honing your creativity and copywriting skills by creating engaging content as well as perfecting your public relations skills by managing multiple conversions on the social media platforms.


As part of our Media team, you will polish your analytical and execution skills by studying digital trends and constructing the quintessential digital media strategy for your clients’ campaigns. With the ever-changing digital media landscape, it is exciting as there will be always new for you to learn about.

Account Manager

As an Account Manager, you will be flexing your multi-tasking muscle, armed with the experience garnered from your multiple roles. Having covered and aced every aspect of digital marketing, you are now able to lead and manage your team in securing our portfolio of clients and achieving a strong sustainable growth for IH Digital.

Are you game to chart new terrain in the digital landscape? Check out the digital marketing job positions available and apply now to be part of us!