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CAAS Ad Campaign to Build Public Awareness on UA Regulations in Singapore


In Jan 2021, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) launched an advertising campaign on multiple media platforms to increase drone users’ awareness of unmanned aircraft (UA) regulations in Singapore.

Unmanned aircraft (UA) flying is becoming an increasingly popular recreational activity in recent years. It is important that the flying of UA does not compromise aviation and public safety, hence CAAS launched the campaign to remind the public to follow safety guidelines and reinforce the importance of performing checks before flying UA.

With this key objective in mind, advertisements were placed on both offline and online media platforms to encourage users to register before flying their drones. Google Display Ads, Carousell Ads, GrabAds and OOH advertising were deployed to target users at different touch points.

CAAS Grab Ads

CAAS Unmanned Aircraft GrabAds

CAAS Carousel Ads

CAAS Unmanned Aircraft Carousell Ads

CAAS OOH advertising

CAAS Unmanned Aircraft OOH advertising at bus stop shelters in Singapore

More CAAS Campaign

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