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Thought Leadership Building through Social Media


Thought leadership and your brand

What is thought leadership? And what does the digital world needs from it? As billions of digital content populate the web today, online users tend to narrow down their searches, be smarter in typing in their search keywords, and ultimately, become hungry for the best content to trust. Content developers are now instigating more intelligent online strategies through high-quality content. Thought leadership is being able to establish credibility and authority through opinions, innovative solutions, unique perspective, newest strategy and best answers to consumers’ major questions. Building this smooth brand-consumer relationship requires a strategy to ensure the effectiveness of all content that will be laid upon the audience. Thought leaders set as inspirations, a primary information source and a driving force to take on challenges faced by the audience.

Making use of the social media

With today’s fast-advancing technology, thought leadership is becoming a significant point in effectively differentiating a brand from its competitors. Reasons to this continuously become more apparent as social media grow to be a huge portion of most consumers’ time and lifestyle.

To effectively become a thought leader, the following must be kept as part of your digital and content strategy:

Know your goals

Remember why your brand is present in the first place. With the help of people’s feedback in the digital social sphere, you can establish a specific goal. Communicating all things about brand to your audience requires your clear understanding of your brand’s purpose.  Knowing what you want to accomplish helps to effectively define your next moves. Do you want to be a medium for customers who want advices about the industry you belong to? Which is more valuable to you – being recognised or being a basis for recognitions? Set your goals and start crafting your digital strategy according to your brand’s purpose.

Set your unique voice and character

Who will your audience expect you to be? A thought leader carries a distinct identity that makes you on top of your industry. Identify your character, voice and values. Be consistent and never allow anything (big or small) that might shatter the authenticity of your identity. Remember, customers will always trust a genuine identity.

Be the expert that anyone can turn to

You are a leader, so continue to be one. Thought leadership must not be a one-time execution. It is a continuous process wherein you need to feed yourself with knowledge, skills and expertise. The Internet today is an open resource wherein answers can be uncovered without difficulty. Bear in mind that what you need to offer to your audience must be unique, the best, and authentic. When a question arises, be prepared with the best answers and solutions. And you can only do that by opening your mind to the continuous process of learning. Never stop. Be your audience’s greatest mentor by providing information that adds value to your audience.

Create a content strategy

When building thought leadership through the social media, one thing you can never miss is a thorough content strategy. It is essential because your plans, steps and all information that supports your plan will be included in your content strategy. It will define a huge chunk of your entire brand execution. How will you present your brand in the social media? How will you engage your audience? How will you keep your brand interesting?

Build your social online presence

Establishing presence in the social media is definitely a must in today’s digital world. In order to build thought leadership, your online presence must be known to your audience. They need to know that you can be easily reached to provide information and answers to their queries. In this way, you can get your audience to participate in sharing your information. Your brand’s exposure in different online portals is something that you can work on. How can you do this? Participate in forums, actively answer questions with expert contribution, be part of conversations, advices, tips and ensure that all content you provide are high-quality and relevant. Make use of the social media to present your expertise effectively.