Boost e-commerce sales through content and online marketing

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Content is key to success in online marketing

Many of us have been familiar with the statement “Content is King.” Apparently, in today’s online marketing campaigns, strong content is still highly significant in brands’ sales performance. Savvy marketers are aware that their content must invite trust and establish credibility. This in turn will build better customer relationship, brand identity and brand value.


Offering valuable content can give your brand numerous digital media marketing benefits. However, the road to great content is often underestimated. As a digital marketing agency, our experience in brands is wide and often different from one brand to another. But there are valuable tips we can share with you to help in your digital marketing efforts.


Know your content strategy

While it might seem like a no-brainer that a content strategy is necessary, creating a plan is the crucial part. Set your goals, know your audience and filter out the content that are less likely to contribute to your goal. Most of the time, we will be left puzzled if our content idea is a good shot or not. To help you gauge better, think about the goal. Even if you think that a post is designed and structured well, if the content bears no weight to your audience, then you might want to rethink about skipping it or not.


Bear in mind that your ultimate aim for your brand is to effectively convert your readers or viewers into e-commerce sales.


Your product or service is valuable? Why?

It takes time to prove if a brand is valuable. Most of the time, feedback plays a role in this. And while working on good feedback, present the value of your brand, provide good details on your e-commerce store and on social media. Let your audience know why your product is “the product” that deserves a try among the long list of products in any e-commerce website. Later on, when good reviews are available, the users will tell the good stories about your brand. This is gaining good e-commerce credibility through good value!


Collaborate—it’s a good opportunity and exposure

Build your assets and expand your network. Either pair with a good influencer or another business, make your worth amplified through good mediums. Welcome opportunities to become part of online marketing campaigns. With a good partnership, you can contribute to your partner and create a good portfolio for your brand at the same time. Activities, promotions and online marketing events are great strategy for good content!


Make use of social media

People want “real” information. When we say real, we mean unfiltered experiences. Once in a while, show behind-the-scene images and videos about your product in action. Lately, a social media strategy on Facebook and Instagram called “Stories” are becoming a hit as it shows real and recent activities including video clips that are at least close to live. Make use of these kinds of features to present your product’s use and you can even link your e-commerce store from any social media platform. This way, you can gain more visits towards your e-commerce store page.


If you are keen to know more about pushing for successful e-commerce activities and online marketing campaigns, IH Digital can help you devise your digital marketing efforts to gain the best results. We are passionate in taking our clients’ e-commerce efforts to the next through content and reliable social media strategy.