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Benefits of LINE Marketing in Thailand

Benefits of LINE Marketing in Thailand

If you’re targeting Thai consumers for your brand or business, then LINE marketing in Thailand should be a part of your marketing strategy. LINE marketing has been an essential strategy for most Chinese businesses, particularly in the e-commerce sector.

According to a Bangkok News report, Chinese companies continue to invest millions of baht in their marketing budget to stimulate spending.

But why is LINE marketing a successful strategy to penetrate the Thailand market? While there are many messaging apps present in the country, LINE remains to be the leading app mainly due to its useful features. Beyond messaging, the chat app is also a social commerce platform with two important marketing features – Official Account and LINE MyShop.

Let’s briefly find out the fundamentals of LINE for your Thailand digital marketing strategy.

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Why is LINE an essential Thailand digital marketing strategy?

Similar to China’s WeChat, LINE as turned into a powerful app with valuable features apart from messaging. With LINE, you can do:

  • Follow local and overseas friends and businesses
  • Engage in one-on-one conversations
  • Receive push notifications from Official Accounts
  • Shop online within LINE MyShop
  • Make payments using LINE Pay
  • Get news updates through LINE Today

Moreover, according to a Data Reportal survey, LINE is the third most-used app in the country following Facebook and YouTube. In January 2020, about 85% of Thai internet users say they actively use LINE.

most used social media platforms in thailand 2020
Source: Data Reportal, 2020

Also, in 2019, LINE is the top app in Thailand in terms of time spent daily on the app. Based on LINE’s statistics, Thais use the app for 216 minutes (3.6 hours) each day on average.

Benefits of LINE Marketing

LINE offers plenty of benefits your brand can ultimately make sales from. With the social app, you can do the following marketing strategies for your brand:

  • Send push notifications to all of your Official Account followers
  • Give away coupons
  • Conduct market surveys
  • Gain insights into your Official Account performance
  • Build an e-commerce store on LINE MyShop

Furthermore, Thais are generally happy to receive promotional messages on the app, according to 2019 LINE survey. In fact, 70% of them say that their most preferred content type is brand promotion.

With this, your brand can take advantage of the fact that Thais are looking forward to promotions on LINE. And by using all of LINE’s marketing features, you can easily gain acceptance by the Thai consumers and ultimately win the massive Thailand market.

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More LINE marketing services:

  • LINE Official Account setup and verification
  • Page and chat management
  • Content creation for LINE broadcasts and push notifications
  • LINE Ads
  • LINE MyShop e-commerce store setup and management

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