Account Management

Get a 360° digital marketing strategy for your business.

Our account management services include:

  • 360° Strategy & Planning
  • Reviews & Reports
  • Digital Marketing Trainings
  • Regional Support

— Let us plan a 360° digital marketing campaign for you

What is Digital Marketing and Why You Need It?

Digital marketing is a marketing strategy that borders all marketing efforts using the Internet and an electronic device. There are various digital channels available allowing you to connect with your target audience faster. This includes search engines, social media, messaging apps, and other websites.

Traditional strategies like print ads, direct mails, and TV ads still exist presently. However, many businesses find online marketing more convenient and cost-effective. Why? It can easily and quickly occur electronically and online.

Digital marketing offers endless marketing possibilities. Businesses are provided with unlimited online and electronic channels to promote their brands across devices.

Simply put, digital marketing is vital for your business. You need it for 2 reasons: your customers spend time and money online, and your competitors are already present and selling online.

Get your Digital Marketing Strategy on Track

Not all businesses are fully capable of planning and implementing digital marketing strategies. It is complex if you look deep into it. Moreover, it’s overwhelming for most starters. If this is what’s stopping you, let us help you get through the toughest part – the beginning.

Hiring a marketing agency with extensive experience is one of your best options. Having an account manager (AM) to plan a strategy for you will help ease your online endeavours. Whether it’s your first time or you’re reviving a lost strategy, the AM will have your back.

Moreover, the AM assigned to you will be focused on your account. He/She will work closely with you and your marketing team to meet your goals.

In this effort, the AM will better understand what you need. Also, he/she will be able to solve your problem and develop a long-term digital marketing strategy. All of this to ensure that you are satisfied with the results.

Our Account Management Workflow

Our AM does more than mapping out strategies. They also deliver training workshops, quarterly reviews and reports, and overall regional coordination to simplify the entire process for you.

Here’s our complete account management workflow.

Graph of IH Digital's Account Management Workflow

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