5 Best Video Marketing Trends

5 best video marketing trends | video marketing | IH Digital

Most brands agree that video marketing is a great investment. It gives out a good ROI, it’s easy and affordable to do. Videos generate more conversions and shares on social media.

This year, brands had become more aware of this matter, and now a large number of video ads are being posted on social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Here are some video marketing trends to help you gain more audience attention.

Video Marketing Trend #1: Vlogs

A business vlog is ideal when you update your audiences about your brand or your latest product. Some businesses collaborate with influencers to create content for their brand. It may be about products or services reviews or how-to videos. A perfect example would be hotels who want to gain brand awareness. Asia Travel Club is a social platform that helps connect hotel partners to influencers to produce great vlog reviews.

Video Marketing Trend #2: Live Stream

According to Marketing Land, 44% of brands have produced live stream videos. Viewers prefer live stream videos from their favourite brands because they could easily interact and ask questions directly. Live streaming is the fastest way to check your viewer metrics because it shows at the top of the video. People often join live streams with a high number of viewers. The best part is it’s easy to start a live stream because Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have live stream features!

5 best video marketing trends | video marketing | IH Digital

Video Marketing Trend #3: Virtual Reality

Another video marketing trend that has dragged consumers attention is through virtual reality marketing. Though it is new and brands still test this kind of marketing, virtual reality is expected to grow at a fast pace in 2020. Brands like Golden Village Funan recently executed their virtual reality experience that lets consumers enjoy a variety of games and movie content.

Video Marketing Trend #4: 360 Degree Videos

360-degree video, also known as spherical videos is a short and much simpler version of an immersive video like VR. Your audience would love to immerse and engage in a post where they can explore a picture beyond its flat shape. 70% of marketers who have used 360 videos says it has increased engagement for them, according to Web Videos.

Video Marketing Trend #5: Social Media Video Ads

Whether it’s skippable or not, social media video ads are great attention-grabber. Viewers love to binge watch on YouTube and Facebook. Moreover, social media ads are less expensive. Thus, more brands have switched the placement of their ads from television commercials to social media video ads.

Engage More Audience with Video Marketing!

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