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5 Benefits of Social Media Contest to Your Business

Facebook contest as a social media strategy | Social media marketing by IH Digital

Brands nowadays have a lot of ways to engage with their market thru online advertising. One thing that catches social media users’ attention is a wall contest. Find out why this is the new social media marketing trend.

1. It creates brand awareness

Building your brand awareness is easy when you run a contest that requires people to submit a photo or video, tag their friends, use hashtags, or share your contest post. With this social media strategy, you can easily introduce your product or brand to people with the same interest as your followers.

2. It increases your page followers or subscribers

To increase your page followers and subscribers, you’ll need to promote your page but not in a loud and desperate way. How? Facebook contest!

Take a look at PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency which organised a contest to generate more subscribers on their YouTube channel and followers on their Facebook page.

3. It increases web traffic

Some contest requires people to visit the brand’s website in order to join. Others even ask their followers to subscribe to their newsletter or go online shopping with a minimum purchase. This is a smart move for businesses who want to gain more page views and users on their website.

4. It gives your followers a chance to be rewarded

A contest isn’t only meant for you to gain new followers but to retain and reward loyal followers or buyers as well. Admit it. Managing a page isn’t easy. You have to make sure your followers don’t go tired with your brand. Compelling and eye-catching contests that would benefit your followers can give you assurance for brand loyalty and generate more referrals to your brand.

Suisai took Valentine’s day as an opportunity to reward its followers thru a creative photo contest wherein each follower can tag their BFFs. This way, brand awareness is also increased

5. It increases page engagement

Want to make your social media page active and responsive? Running a contest is the best way to engage with your followers and potential followers. Once you have attracted people with a savvy contest, they will feel the need to follow your page and keep up with your product lines. They might want to see when will you drop your next big contest or big sale on your page!


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