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Digital Marketing in China: 4 Must-know Trends of Weibo Marketing

Digital Marketing in China: 4 Must-know Trends of Weibo Marketing in 2018

340 million active monthly users, Weibo is one of largest Chinese social media platforms, making it the most competitive digital marketing platform for brands seeking to penetrate the Chinese market and reach out to their target consumers. Perhaps, you are already intending to jump on the China digital marketing bandwagon. In this article, we will introduce the 4 must-know trends of Weibo marketing in 2018 to help you decide Weibo Marketing Strategy for your brands.

  1. KOL marketing

KOL marketing, or blogger engagement is one of the most popular Weibo marketing strategy. According to the research of KOL in China done by Sina & Weibo Data Center, there are over 300 thousand of Weibo KOL with 385 million fans in total. In 5 months, the Weibo posts of the KOLs have granted 715 billion views. KOLs have large fan base and great influence that can amplify your brand story, while creating authentic and engaging content for social engagement.

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  1. Videos

Video is a big trend for all social media marketing, and of course it is an effective Weibo marketing strategy. Studies found that over 65% of people are more willing to learn through video. They prefer to understand products through video and are more likely to generate impulses to purchase. A combination of influencers and social video campaign brings Petronas (Malaysia) success, which has garnered 5.87 million views in 20 days.

Digital Marketing in China: 4 Must-know Trends of Weibo Marketing in 2018

  1. Road Block

Using Weibo anytime and anywhere is part of the daily life of Chinese people. Every time they open Weibo app, a 3 seconds pop-up ad called “Road Block” will be appear every time. That’s why it is one of most popular Weibo advertising methods marketers purchased. Road Block has high advertising coverage that all iOS and Android users can see the ad when they open Weibo app.

  1. Search marketing

Keyword search is also a good digital marketing strategy in Weibo marketing. The more time your keywords appear in Weibo search, more people will search for the keywords that bring large number of traffics and clicks. It is a good way to increase exposure and become hot topic to reach out more audience. The unique selling point of Weibo’s search marketing is that, a keyword can only be purchased by one client in that period, that means you can have exclusive high quality promotion position.

 Digital Marketing in China: 4 Must-know Trends of Weibo Marketing in 2018

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