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4 Common E-commerce Website SEO Problems You Should Fix

4 Common Ecommerce Website SEO Problems You Should Fix

The success of an online business greatly depends on the performance of the ecommerce website in terms of search ranking and conversion. 

Improving e-commerce website SEO is not an easy job. The number of pages in an online store can easily expand into thousands of product pages. And there are so many things that could go wrong in an ecommerce website and hurt your page rankings. 

Whether you are are just starting or already managing the website, you need to know the common SEO mistakes and immediately fix them. If you are looking for tips to fix your ecommerce SEO problem, let’s delve into the 4 most common issues and how to rectify them. 

Common Ecommerce Website SEO Problems & How to Fix Them

1. Copying Product Descriptions from Manufacturer 

This is the most common website SEO mistake that ecommerce businesses make. Since online stores usually have plenty of products, you tend to skip the hassle of creating unique descriptions. Instead, you end up using short product descriptions provided by the manufacturer.

The fact is that these descriptions are almost certainly distributed and replicated on many online stores. Using product descriptions provided by the manufacturer on your website means you are creating duplicate content. 

Simply put, you are not providing any unique content for the search engines to index. Google will move duplicated content down the ranking, making your website nearly impossible to appear in the front page of search results. Hence, the drop in organic traffic.   

The solution is simplecreate unique descriptions that are relevant and helpful to your customers.  

Creating unique content for thousands of products can be a tedious and time-consuming task. And this is why everyone is making this mistake. If you need help in writing copy for conversions, contact us to help you out. 

2.Using Non-Unique Page Title  

When you are selling multiple items from the same brand, or similar items from different brands, it is hard for you to create a unique title tag. You will keep repeating the keywords over and over again.  

If there are duplicated title on multiple pagesit is difficult for search engines to rank the ‘best’ page for a specific search query. Therefore, they will not rank any of them. 

To find out if your pages are having duplicate title tags, we find it easier to use the website SEO auditing tool named SEMRush. It crawls all your pages and makes it simple to identify and change duplicate page titles. 

After addressing the issue, you can convey the specific purpose of every page, using a keyword that is not targeted elsewhere on your site.  

If you need support in website SEO auditing, contact IH Digital. 

3. Not Optimising Product Pages with High Traffic Keywords

Perhaps one of the most common issues is that many ecommerce product pages are simply not developed with keywords in mind. Many businesses spend so much time on finding keywords relevant to their products that they forget to focus on keywords their audience is using. Thus, creating a situation in which they are promoting something that no one is searching for. 

Most consumers are likely not searching by brand or model name. You should be considering the search demand, using keyword tools to identify high traffic phrases that consumers were using to find products like yours.  

Then, choose 3-5 closely related keywords to reflect on your page. You can get more keyword tips by reading Optimize Your Shopify Store’s Ranking by Adding Keywords. 

4. Not Optimising URLs 

Many ecommerce websites do not give much attention to the page URLs. When they upload new products, they would just use the product page URL that was auto-generated, which would result in random numbers and letters in the URL like this: 

e-commerce website seo URL problem

This is an example of a bad URL. Search engines don’t understand what the page is about with this formatnot to mention its impact on attracting searchers to click on your link.  

A SEO-friendly URL is short and descriptive like the example below  e-commerce website seo URL

There are more ways to create SEO-friendly URLs. You can learn how to add keywords to optimize page URLs. 

Start Fixing SEO Problems to Improve Website Ranking

Fixing SEO issues is the groundwork for a healthy ecommerce website. Regularly applying best SEO tips into practice lets you see how valuable it can be for your online business. 

Looking for an agency to improve your e-commerce website SEO performance? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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