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These 4 Digital Marketing Tactics Drew More Patients for Pantai Group

Pantai Group, Malaysia’s healthcare leader, uses 4 digital marketing tactics to attract more patients online.

In today’s digital age, medical brands such as hospitals and pharmaceutical companies are leveraging into building their online presence to strengthen their brand through an array of digital marketing efforts, particularly SEO and search marketing. Thanks to the advancement of online advertising, greater visibility and a wider reach to potential customers are now possible.

Pantai Holdings Berhad (PHB) recently took to digital marketing to further enhance their brand awareness online. Commonly known as the Pantai Group, PHB is one of Malaysia’s leading integrated healthcare groups with a network of 14 multi-disciplinary hospitals throughout the country under 2 brands: Pantai Hospitals and Gleneagles Hospitals. 

Pantai Group engaged online marketing strategies to increase patient acquisition and website traffic within Malaysia by utilising SEO marketing, content marketing, search marketing (pay-per-click or PPC), retargeting via Google Display Network (GDN) and Facebook Ads.

4 Digital Marketing Tactics to Grow Traffic for Healthcare Brands

1. SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial as more patients are relying heavily on search engines to do their research. Pantai Hospitals optimised its existing website by improving the usage of keywords & phrases that potential patients are looking for when they search. 

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing includes everything that online presence and website encompasses. In efforts of enhancing the online presence of the healthcare group, the healthcare brand produced branded article content as well as medical content writing for specific conditions and diseases. The published articles include breast cancerlung cancer, and colorectal cancer.

IH Digital produced branded medical contents for Pantai Group’s website.

Besides content writing, Pantai also launched creative infographics with 4 language adaptations, such as English, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia, to fulfil the article. 

IH Digital, also a creative agency, designed infographics in 4 languages.

3. Search Marketing (Pay-Per-Click or PPC)

The competition in search marketing in the medical industry is considerably high, and despite the firms’ best efforts on search engine optimisation, integrating targeted keywords on website content alone cannot easily put your website to the top of Google search. That is why they utilised paid search marketing through Google Adwords PPC to make up for any shortfalls in search engine and to ensure that Pantai Hospitals’ website appears in the first Google search engine page results.

Within the first month of Pantai Group’s search marketing implementation, the ads generated a significant increase in website traffic by 10.22%, while patient acquisition grew by 22%. 

Pantai Group also launched paid search marketing with Google AdWord PPC.

4. Retargeting via Google Display Network & Facebook

Not everyone searching on Google have the same intention. Some people don’t book an appointment immediately without considering their options. Some may only be looking for general information online related to their symptoms or conditions. This explains why sometimes, having high website traffic is not parallel to having a high conversion rate at the same time. However, due to the advances in online advertising, there is a so-called retargeting method, which was deployed in line with Pantai Group’s goals. With retargeting, any healthcare brand can ultimately convert online visitors into patients in no time.

As previously mentioned, Pantai Group incorporated a retargeting strategy via Google Display Network (GDN) for its hospitals in an effort to optimise conversion by targeting those who have visited their website in the past without submitting an appointment. Creatives and copies were also produced to further improve the campaign.

Pantai Group employs retargeting strategy via Google Display Network to optimise conversion.

Other than GDN, the medical group also implemented social media marketing campaigns on Facebook, specifically to amplify retargeting efforts.

Pantai Hospitals are currently running Facebook ads managed by IH Digital.

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