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2 Easy but Effective Ways to Boost Your E-commerce Ad on Facebook

2 Easy but Effective Ways to Boost Your E-commerce Ad on Facebook

Social media is now more important than ever to avid online shoppers now that e-commerce started penetrating the channel through targeted ads. With so many products instantly presented online, consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the goods available online. In fact, consumers are given so many options that they tend to be somehow overwhelmed with it and end up deciding not to buy at all.

This makes advertisements all the more significant in social media marketing, especially when it’s done the right way. Did you know that a single button on a Facebook ad has the power to move your consumer further along the decision process and towards the eventual purchase? Many food brands like Sanitarium has successfully used this strategy in order to boost their online sales, particularly in Singapore. Your brand, too, can attract more online buyers by harnessing the power of e-commerce ads on Facebook. Simply follow these 2 easy steps and see the astounding results for yourself.

Effective Ways to Elevate your E-commerce Marketing on Facebook

Step 1: Add a Call-To-Action Button to your Facebook Ad

While a simple Call-To-Action button of ‘Shop Now’ may seem too minute a detail in the grand scheme of social media marketing, this goes a long way in nudging your consumers towards their decision to purchase! 

With an appealing visual, you have caught the attention of your consumer. Be it price or taste or convenience, the next step to persuade the consumer would be to add a Call-To-Action button.

As shown in the example below, the Call-To-Action button stands by itself and can be easily spotted. Without this button, the consumer will either continue scrolling or head to the web to find out more. With the first scenario, the opportunity for the consumer to progress to purchase is lost. With the latter scenario, there is great hassle involved. Hence, it is more likely that you have lost the customer’s interest.

A Call-To-Action button greatly helps to increase awareness of products online. In the case of Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Company–an Australian food brand known for its dairy milk, spreads, cereals and yogurt–, not all their products are available in physical stores. Hence, this brings consumers a more convenient way to shop for their desired goods online.

Step 2: Boost Your Page Posts

Why the need to boost page posts? Truth is, quality content is great but it all boils down to whether they are even reaching your audience in the first place. No matter how broad your fanbase, organic reach will never be able to extend to all your fans, not to mention people who might be potential customers but do not know about your brand yet.

Reach out to your audience by boosting your page posts, especially those with a Call-To-Action button. Sanitarium, for instance, boosted two of their Facebook page posts: one for Weet-Bix Hot Chocolate and Date Porridge and another for So Good™ Almond Milk. Both are available on RedMart.

What are you waiting for? Get your brand seen on Facebook A.S.A.P.!

Sure, it sounds easy but if you’ve got tons of products to promote and you have no time or manpower to manage your Facebook page, a digital marketing agency can help deal with this labour-intensive job for you.

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