Strategy Development

The social web has opened a dialogue between brands and consumers – a chat on the same level. Marketing is now a two-way conversation, if your brand isn’t present in these conversations then you are missing out on your brand advocates, most engaged customers. Social media marketing allows you to interact with these customers, experiment with new methods of communication, reward their loyalty and offer exclusive deals. Don’t wait for consumers to come to you, because now you can go directly to them.

IH Digital helps your brand navigate the dynamic social media environment and enable you to connect with your customers like never before. We pride ourselves in knowing your brand, being your brand’s biggest fans, and using our expertise to develop strategies that achieve efficient, effective and scalable results.

Without a digital marketing strategy, social media can sap a huge amount of time and other resources from your company. However, with a tailored social media strategy in place, you can save time, money, effort, and be more informed about what your consumers truly love about your business.

Digital Strategy: Designed to capture a full range of social communications, our holistic marketing solutions are integrated with online and offline media and explore the newest, most effective, avenues for engaging and amplifying fans.

Analytics & Insights: Make more informed marketing decisions from data that are relevant to your brand, products, and services. Our analytic specialists build API tools and track your campaign’s data across various digital platforms from our proprietary iAnalytics platform and Google Analytics.

Digital Consultancy & Training: Equipping our Business Partners with the knowledge to dominate social media and master the right tools for engagement and media amplification.

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