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Video Marketing

The goal of publishing contents on social media network is to deliver the contents to the appropriate and targeted audiences.  Large number of contents on social media and internet are published every minute, but are they successfully reaching the targeted audiences? The truth is, it is hard to say that they are always successful, especially with constant changes of algorithms introduced on social media’s timeline and feeds, organic reaches are getting more restricted, not to mention competitiveness of any platform itself.

One way to ensure the significant reach of contents’ delivery to the targeted audience is by incorporating digital media ad campaign. Digital media ad campaign is available on various platforms from social media to search engine networks, displaying the media ad content to the targeted traffics and audiences.

Video marketing is paving the way for more sales and enhanced brand awareness for businesses and entrepreneurs. At IH Digital, we create digital video content and video marketing campaigns, which cover conceptualization, corporate video production, distribution, and amplification, to help our partner brands optimise their content strategies. Our video marketing services, which aim to make your brand stand out, range from video production to YouTube management.

Video Production

Video platforms used as marketing tools offer excellent ways of engaging your brand’s target audience. Our corporate video production services include 2D animation, event coverage, interview, product/tutorial video, and short film.

YouTube Management

Using the biggest video marketing platform, YouTube, for business’ brands just might take brand awareness to greater heights. For your brand to acquire more views and engagements through video marketing, we can help setup a YouTube account, customize backgrounds, create videos, and more.